November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Recipes- Egg Free, Dairy free, Gluten Free, Some Classic, Some Raw, Some Vegan

Easy Thanksgiving recipe substitutions for food allergies or to have a vegan Thanksgiving.

I pick Martha Stewart Recipes because I know she uses "classic" type recipes for Thanksgiving. You can use your favorites and just adjust the ingredients as necessary. Have questions just email me
Turkey or Vegan meal ??? You decide..... Links for a raw, vegan, and macrobiotic plant based Thanksgiving are at the bottom of this post.

To prepare your turkey use your favorite turkey recipe or use the farmer's recommendation on how to cook their turkey. We have been purchasing our turkey each year from a local farmer, the turkey comes with directions on how to prepare it.

Use organic ingredients where possible.
Cranberry Sauce or applesauce use real cranberries and apples and cook and add what you like..

Cranberry sauce
....can substitute maple syrup for the sugar or add less sugar etc to get the taste you desire

....can use turkey drippings separated with a fat separating measure cup
...instead of wheat flour use brown rice flour
...instead of butter use earth balance or olive oil or a combination (or leave this out entirely usually the gravy has enough fat in it already)

Green bean casserole
       ..... Instead of cream of mushroom soup use mushrooms minced and cooked with earth balance, salt  and pepper and a litttle rice milk (use rice flour to thicken if necessary)
       .....Instead of soy sauce use wheat free Tamari or Bragg's liquid aminos
      ......Add enough rice milk to make a thick mushroom sauce for the casserole (won't need 1 full cup)
         ..... Make your own fried onions to put on top....won't be crunchy

Mashed potatoes
....instead of butter use earth balance spread
....instead of milk use a mixture of chicken broth and rice milk
....I wouldn't use the nutmeg...just my personal preference
Sweet potatoes- with brown sugar and earth balance salt and pepper

Pumpkin Pie

This recipe looks like it would work but I haven't perfected it...was trying to do it without cornstarch...try it at your own risk....a great GF vegan pie crust can be found in "The Flying Apron Cookbook" (I found it at my local library)


Corn Bread or Corn Muffins (can use this for GF stuffing if you don't have a corn intolerance)

Pie Crust (Need to get the book from the library (copyrighted))

Roasted Fall Veggie Salad

Apple Crisp (Raw or Cooked)

Raw Carrot Cake

Walnut Date Rolls/Balls

Plant based Thanksgiving Recipes (Gluten Free/Vegetarian)

Raw food Thanksgiving Recipes haven't tried these just passing this on (Living Foods)

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