January 14, 2011

"Your Health" with Dr. Richard Becker and Cindy Becker

I found a TV show the other day when I was flipping around the channels. (Thank you God...seems He just keeps giving me more information and resources all the time!) Here is the link to the couple's web site. The link/icon on the webite to the show says coming soon...I think that means "coming soon" to their website because it is already on TV.  I found the show on Verizon Fios TV on ALN (American Life Network) (I also found it on Family Net  but less airings). The Beckers teach about holistic health, holistic health research, lastest holistic health news, supplements and what they are good for (which they sell...not crazy about people who profit by selling supplements....but give them a chance) I think they have their hearts in the right place. The first episode I saw was about Celiac Disease and it was the BEST show/information I had ever seen on the subject! I ordered that episode to share with others. Check it out if you can find it!

http://www.bioinnovations.net/ The Beckers website

http://www.americanlifetv.com/  ALN Network

http://www.familynet.com/ Family Net(work)


  1. DR, becker than God for your progam it has helped me so very much along wiyh my whole family and great grand kids, you and cindy are aGod sent, may God bless you both.

  2. Joyce,

    So glad Dr. Becker could help you. May you have the best of health!