January 26, 2011

I'm Still Here

Sorry for the lack of posting...life has just been too busy...this week my kids have mid terms and are home most of the day...or all day when they don't have any tests that day....

I have so many ideas for posts...just have to get to sit and write them.

I am working on an research article to debate if animal foods are necessary for human consumption. Not  meat per se, but what about raw milk and eggs from well cared for animals at small farms. Or even what if you had a farm yourself??? What about fishing from the lake or sea...what if you live in Alaska and there are no raw foods....???

I love animals and my first hope is that the animals have a happy life and are well cared for....but do we as humans, or maybe certain humans, need animal foods to close a nutrition gap....that is what I am working on now....I am doing tons of research..hope to have it posted soon!

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