December 28, 2010

Found a Few Really Great Books... Again!

"Nature's Secret Messages hidden in plain sight"by Elaine Wilkes

"Raw Food for Everyone" by Alissa Cohen... New Book

Look at the Amazon links... one of the books you can look inside to see a few pages....also remember you can get these books for free from your local library...if you don't see them, ask your librarian and he/she can interloan from another library to be shipped to your local library for pick up.

December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

May the peace of the holiday season wash over you.  May you be filled with joy this season and may you find the answers to be healthier each and everyday. May God make your day easier by giving you green lights when driving, finding things you have misplaced, getting an unexpected call from an old dear friend, giving you a good report at the doctor's office, less aches and pains, more energy, and offer many other random acts of kindness in your life.

Have a day filled with peace and joy! Remember if all else fails, you get to pick the attitude you take if you have problems in your life! Be bitter, sad  ,angry... or be happy? I'll pick.... happy! If life gets you down don't let it get you down too long....find out what you can do to make it better...even if it is as easy as taking a nap to have more energy later.

December 23, 2010

What YOU would like to see on my blog!

When I asked what you all would like to see on my blog on the last poll,  it looks like everyone is OK with the content right now... but some of you voiced that you would like more holiday recipes and also a day to day "get well" plan.

I will work on both. I am excited to share some tips and recipes with you all . Again, thanks for the responses! Be Well!

Gluten Free Vegan Gingerbread Cookies/Men

2nd Revision ! (sorry forgot the molasses and adjusted the spices)


2 cups gluten free flour mix (recipe follows)
1 tsp baking soda
1 and 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
1/4 cup flax meal (ground flax seeds)
3/4 tsp salt
2-3 TBSP grated ginger or 1 and a 1/2 -2 TBSP ground ginger
2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp allspice (optional)
1/4 tsp nutmeg
pinch of ground Cloves (optional)
3/4 cup sugar (evap. cane juice)
1 cup melted coconut oil /butter
2 TBSP applesauce
1/4 cup molasses (blackstrap)
2 tsp rum  or rum extract (optional)

Sift dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Whisk together.

In a separate small bowl whisk wet ingredients together. Combine the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients.

If making cookies. Roll into balls and dip in Demerara sugar place on parchment lined cookie sheet and press flat with hand or GF flour coated flat bottom of a drinking glass.

Bake for 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees

If making gingerbread men. Refrigerate dough for 30 minutes and use extra GF flour mix to roll out dough between 2 pcs of parchment paper and cut into gingerbread men shapes. Place on parchment lined cookie sheets. Bake 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees  and  cool and decorate as desired.

Gluten free flour mix (2 cups total)

1 cup + 1 TBSP garbanzo/fava flour
1/2 + 2TBSP cup potato starch
1/4 + 1 TBSP cup arrowroot starch

For more gluten free and mostly vegan recipes go to and

Geothermal Engineering by the Gov't????

Disturbing video...the gov't is possibly spraying chemical trails by jet to combat global warming??? Really???

What in The World Are They Spraying? from Eric Johnson on Vimeo.

December 21, 2010

Check out

Found out about this site in a post from Mark Hyman MD.  Interactive  "101 ways to be Healthy"  has some great reminders on simple steps to take stay healthy or regain your health.

Here's the Mark Hyman Article

December 17, 2010

Natural Thyroid Health by Women to Women

A friend of mine had told me to request this newsletter. Sign up to receive it if you'd like. More terrific and healing information! This post was on things to do to correct hypothyroidism.

December 15, 2010

1 in 4 people are Gluten intolerant and NOT Celiacs!

A video (sorry... checked with dr. Doni and there is no audio with this yet, but you can read the slides and get the gist) with Dr. Doni ND (Naturopathic Doctor). She has excellent insight and is a wonderful doctor.

Understanding Gluten Intolerance from Donielle Wilson on Vimeo.

GF Vegan Pizzelles

Don't forget my sister site for gluten free and vegan recipes. At the very bottom of this post is the link for 2 pizzelle recipes I came up with. recipe site is for occasional treats. Don't overdo! These treats are usually gluten free and vegan (no dairy or eggs or meat) but still have sugar and other things to cut down on...but we all need a treat now and then...

For even healthier and healing treats go to Still delicious but raw and macrobiotics and healthy

Pizzelle recipe

December 14, 2010

My Husband's Allergy Test vs. Mine

These are NOT our actual IgG tests.... just an example to see what an unhealthy person (top- lots of strong reactions to foods)with symptoms of disease looks like compared to a healthy person's (2nd test- low to almost no reaction to foods) IgG test.

My naturopathic doctor, Dr. Steve, says in his practice generally patients with chronic disease, diabetes, cancer, lupus, multiple sclerosis,etc. who take a IgG allergy/food sensitivities/intolerances test, generally have many more allergies/sensitivities/intolerances than healthy people with no symptoms/diagnosis of disease. Many other doctors believe this also.

In comparing my IgG to my husband's (or my daughter's to my son's), the girls in the family have MANY more food sensitivities/intolerances and also higher scores on those sensitivities. Is it our genes? Are we true Celiacs and the boys are not?

So if you have any chronic health issue it is worth getting an IgG test. At the very least, you can avoid the foods you are intolerant to for a time and lessen any symptoms you may have,(headaches/sinus pain/joint pains/stomach pains etc.), but also you will know you have digestive issues that need to be examined for the root cause... and then those issues can be taken care of to bring your body back to health.

What comes first, the food sensitivity or the leaky gut/digestive problems /toxins/heavy metals/candida(yeast) / nutritional deficiencies problem?  I don't know, but in unhealthy people they all seem to appear together...

Something causes the food allergies and food allergies, many times, can be cured... they are not always for life. There may be instances where you are lactose intolerant and do well to stay away from dairy for life...or if you are a Celiac you may need to stay away from gluten for life.

Something that is always in the back of my mind Celiac Disease cureable? Don't jump on me here for voicing my opinion...Some doctors believe it can be cured. I don't know what to believe at this point on there being a cure for Celiac Disease....but I think God created our bodies with the ability to cure anything given the means (eliminating toxins, proper nutrition, correcting digestion, getting rid of parasites, infections etc)
Or maybe humans just weren't meant to eat wheat??? It doesn't seem to be easily digestible for anyone...
Well I'll keep reading and researching...Have a great day!

December 13, 2010

Electro Magnetic Frequencies EMF's and Your Health

Heard about EMFs disrupting your electrical system in your body.  I am thinking about changing some things in my home and my life to lessen EMFs. Check out this article by Dr. Mercola.

December 10, 2010

What's Going on in Your Gut by Brenda Watson

Two essential tests to find out what's going on in your gut. I want to get these done!

Brenda Watson PBS Special

Last weekend I decided to take a rest in the afternoon and see what was interesting to watch on TV. I found a PBS special called "The Road to Perfect Health" with Brenda Watson. I was very impressed by the show and I looked her up further and found books at the library and looked at her website. I really enjoy her outlook. She really talks a lot about colon cleansing and probiotics and how important they are for healing.

I love her book "The Detox Strategy: Vibrant Health in 5 Easy Steps" by Brenda Watson , CNC (In later books she also has CT (Colonic Technician) and ND (Naturopathic Doctor)after her name) Click on the videos tab and " Colonics Fact and Fiction" for how a colonic is done.

December 8, 2010

Alex Ortner Interviews Donna Gates

This is a GREAT interview filled with Donna Gates wisdom to stay young AND be healthy/ reverse disease.

December 3, 2010

Super Easy Raw Tacos with Raw Dawg Rory

I love avocadoes/guacamole this one is for me. Yummy!

Raw Creamy Ranch Dressing/Dip

I will eat salads with just olive oil or flax oil and raw apple cider vinegar or ume plum vinegar. I'll even just eat plain veggies in a kids, however, are much more into fancy dressings. Both my children have dairy intolerance. This one looks good to spice up veggies and make them more interesting whether for you or the kids! Who doesn't love creamy ranch dressing!

December 2, 2010

Thanks for the Poll Votes! Keep them Coming!

Thanks for the poll votes...please continue...I wanted to keep it to my followers or visitors first... then I may open it up to Twitter and such. Please if you are a follower or visitor let me know what you'd like to see on my blog! Thanks I want to get to know you all first! Have a great day!