December 15, 2010

GF Vegan Pizzelles

Don't forget my sister site for gluten free and vegan recipes. At the very bottom of this post is the link for 2 pizzelle recipes I came up with. recipe site is for occasional treats. Don't overdo! These treats are usually gluten free and vegan (no dairy or eggs or meat) but still have sugar and other things to cut down on...but we all need a treat now and then...

For even healthier and healing treats go to Still delicious but raw and macrobiotics and healthy

Pizzelle recipe


  1. OH MY! My Italian heart just started singing!!!

  2. I don't have Lupus, but I do have MS and have been hospitalized with gastrointestinal problems that may be caused by MS or the other chronic illness that I have called PXE. Doctors are still trying to figure that one out. We're all vegetarian, but two of my daughters are vegan so I'm always looking for new ways to give them the traditional Italian treats I grew up with and if making them Vegan helps me, well that's an added bonus.
    Thank you for making this recipe available and for your powerful words of hope. I hope that your symptoms continue to improve and you continue to remain strong in hope. People like you are inspiration.