December 17, 2010

Natural Thyroid Health by Women to Women

A friend of mine had told me to request this newsletter. Sign up to receive it if you'd like. More terrific and healing information! This post was on things to do to correct hypothyroidism.


  1. Yes, Women to Women is an excellent source for natural health info. Here are their fibromyalgia resources:

    Treating fibromyalgia naturally
    Information on Fatigue and Stress

  2. Last year I discovered that I have hypothyroidism. My aunt gave me a bovine thyroid to help ease hypothyroidism. Now, my family can see the positive results!

  3. Jaqueline and all,

    Do request a free subscription to the Women to Women e-newsletter.

    Check with your doctor/naturopath before taking
    any thyroid meds, natural or not. Be careful...your aunt though trying to be helpful should not share her meds/supplements, see your own doctor to be prescribed the medication/supplments. Also check all companies thoroughly before ordering! But glad you're feeling better.