May 21, 2013

Not All Super Foods are for Everyone by By Christine H. Farlow, D.C.

A really great article...also something I have not mentioned enough. You CAN be sensitive/intolerant  to a super food too! Just because it's a super food, it isn't good for your body if you have issues digesting it and your immune system kicks in and creates inflammation. Click below to read the article. Everyone is different!

Things You Should Give Up to be Happy - A MUST read!

Finding the right nutrition isn't all there is to being healthy. You need to be happy and at ease emotionally as well. Click on the link below for things to give up to be at peace in your life.

May 14, 2013

Best and Worst Things about being Gluten Free from Celiac Chicks

 I loved this article. To read it click the link below.

 I agree, most times I feel so much better by avoiding gluten (and dairy and eggs, in my case) and avoiding these foods is well worth it, but it is hard at times and can be frustrating when you can't eat what you'd really like to. Think... being at an Italian or other favorite bakery and not being able to pick anything to sad. On the other hand I can almost re-create any food at this point to satisfy a craving, it's not a perfect pizza is delicious, but it is NOT NY delicious thick crust cheesy pizza. Also it is VERY frustrating to not be able to get foods on the run, when hungry, and that I have to cook/prepare so much of the foods that my family and I eat. It's lots of work.
My daughter and I were just making a list of places we can eat with no issues. They include
Cornucopia health food store Sayville, Babycakes Bakery in NYC, Live Island Cafe (raw food) in Huntington. We need to avoid gluten dairy and eggs so it is a little harder for us.