September 29, 2010

"Dangerous Grains" is an Outrageous Book!

Dangerous Grains  by James Braly MD is one of my TOP recommended reads! I really am amazed at all the information in this book. From all the information on Celiac Disease vs gluten intolerance and so many tests that can diagnose Celiac Disease or other gluten issues. Diseases that are exacerbated by gluten intolerance. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies caused by gluten intolerance, leaky gut, gluten intolerance causing other food allergies/intolerances, and how these can cause other diseases and issues in the body. Brain disorders and gluten and more.

And the "piece de resistance" in the forward of the book on page X. It tells of a Dr. Reading in Australia that had over 100 patients with SLE (Lupus) that came to him with all the symptoms of Lupus and positive blood tests for Lupus. After he treated them, they were symptom free and had negative blood tests for 5 years or more (at the time the doctor that wrote the forward met Dr. Reading)

It also has several appendices :
Appendix A - Common Signs and Symptoms of Celiac Disease
Appendix B - Hidden Sources of Gluten (and Safe Choices)
Appendix C - Autoimmune Diseases Frequently Found in Celiac Disease
Appendx D - Comprehensive List of Gluten- Associated Medical Conditions

You will be shocked and amazed as you read some of what is attributed to gluten intolerance! If you don't believe it though, just research more about it on the internet.

I  found this book at my local library, but will purchase it, it is a keeper! Please take the time to request it from your local library or purchase it and read it, it will help you on your journey to be well, if you read it and follow it's advice! My other blog post on this book. If you click on the link at Amazon you can read the forward about Dr. Reading's Lupus patients.

September 24, 2010

Asthma and COPD

Anyone here have issues or know anyone with issues with COPD or Asthma? I keep seeing a commercial on TV for a drug for COPD and at the end the person is eating an ice cream cone...this makes me laugh each time because everything I've heard about lung/ breathing issues points to avoiding dairy for better breathing and less mucus issues.

If you know anyone with asthma or if you have it has your doctor told you to avoid dairy or tested for other food allergies? Do you avoid dairy? By the doctors advice or from your own doing? I want to put a poll up on this look for one soon! I wonder about pleurisy (inflammation of the lung lining) and Lupus and if this could be  food allergy, or environmental allergy related and also be causing pleurisy. I don't think it's a far cry...

Got Walloped By a Cold!

Was cruising along in life...well besides the normal little annoyances of life when my daughter brought home a cold from school...well my son got it after her and then me, and now my husband has it....

It was a nasty one. Quick in passing through but nasty!

It affected each of us the same, 1st day headachy, achy, tired,  2nd Day horrible eye pain, horrible sinus pain,(I think the worst I ever had) 3rd day terrible eye, sinus pain went away but then still feeling tired, stuffy, achy...I'm getting better but boy it was a wallop! Anyone else with colds lately? I hear they're going around.

I also had to have my period at the same time... no fun. I seem to find that my immunity is usally lower right before my period...if I'm going to get a cold or anything that is the time I feel most vulnerable. Anyone else notice that?

September 23, 2010

September 21, 2010

Martha Stewart's Review of Natural Deodorants

On a regular day if I am not going anywhere " important" I don't wear deodorant, I go "au natural" . I figure if I sweat and have nothing blocking my pores more toxins will come out....see below for Martha's recommendations, my husband and I use "the rock" deodorant crystal.

Also I try to wear no bra or a comfortable looser bra with no underwires. The less restrictions to your body the better.You will have better blood flow and your breasts are supposed to stay cooler than the rest of your body.

Funny!!!! Grocery Shopping Video

Some of the things they say are incorrect but mostly "It'll still kill you". My 15 year old daughter and I  watched this together and we were rolling on the floor! You really need to watch what you buy at the grocery store! I want to do a funny educational video like this too.

September 20, 2010

September 19, 2010

Really Great Info on Leaky Gut and How to Correct It

Truth Calkins and David Wolfe talk about Celiac Disease

Great information.... a must listen! I need to research healing a leaky gut for myself...I STILL need help with that!

From David Wolfe's Longevity Newsletter....

Secret to Healthy Digestion

An Exclusive Interview with Truth Calkins

Do you or someone you know suffer from the autoimmune disorder, celiac disease?

Here are some startling statistics about this disorder:

•1 out of every 133 Americans (about 3 million people) has

celiac disease.
•97% of Americans estimated to have CD are not diagnosed.
•30% of the US population is estimated to have the genes

necessary for Celiac disease.

•2.5 babies are born every minute in the USA with the

genetic makeup to have Celiac disease.

•Celiac disease affects more people in the US than Crohn’s

Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s

disease combined.

•It takes an average of 11 years for patients to be properly

diagnosed with Celiac disease even though a simple blood

test exists.
•12% of people in the US who have Down Syndrome also

have Celiac disease.

•6% of people in the US who have Type 1 Diabetes also

have Celiac disease.

In this interview with Master Herbalist and health advocate Truth Calkins, you will learn the following:

•Discover how a healthy gut will actually make food for

you, especially those essential B-Vitamins!

•Learn about the 'second' brain that controls your body's

ability to absorb nutrients.

•Find out what warning signals your body sends you that

its digestive health is in peril.

•Discover how to reverse hunger, overeating, and fatigue by

making a few simple changes in your diet.

•Hear the Truth about the role genes play in celiac disease

(I guarantee you do not know this!)

•Reduce the symptoms of celiac disease and restore your

digestive health!

September 17, 2010

FDA Approves of GMO Salmon! TRUE!

Am I getting through here? This just sounds like news from a Science Fiction Movie not real news stories...of the the claims on that man's video, many are true! I was unaware of this one too! Again buy Wildcaught NOT FARMED!!!!(they will NOT label it as GMO) FDA says they believe GMO salmon is safe...

Cloned Beef UNLABELLED in the USA - TRUE!

Cloned beef is NOW on your store shelves and it won't be labelled so you can choose to buy it or not. The FDA thinks that would just "confuse" consumers...another GROSS thing, buy organic!!!!(and grass fed too if you eat beef)

Spray on Virus to Keep Meats "Safe"? TRUE!

I told you I would check into the claims of the videos I posted the other day. Here is one I didn't know about until I saw the video. I  don't eat lunchmeat anymore but my son, daughter and husband  still do. We try to get Applegate Farms but don't know if they spray too? Trying to find out....

Sorry but this is gross and disgusting and I DO NOT want my family and I to be eating "viruses" with our meat....boy, ANYTHING to increase the shelf can the FDA think this is safe...and what viruses are on the is like a covert "vaccine" EWWWWW!

September 16, 2010

McDonald's Ingredients (Plastic in McNuggets TRUE!)

Look up some of these awful ingredients! If you are a Celiac even the fries have wheat and milk (lots of people don't know that)! Please don't look at this as a treat for your children...or yourself. Do your homework and investigate the ingredients and don't eat here!

Take food with you in a lunch bag on shopping trips or stop at a health food store or at least a deli or a mom and pop shop to get a real salad (organic if you can) with real meat or beans(again organic if you can).

Myositis (muscle inflammation) and Celiac Disease

From the Clinical Rheumatology Journal Myosistis and Celiac Disease

Lupus and myositis

Myositis Symptoms

Food : The Ultimate Secret

I didn't investigate all this man's claims but I know a lot of what he said is true. Couldn't find the links he mentioned but looked up some of the things he claimed on the video,  by Google on the internet and found the things he mentioned in real newspaper articles published on the internet....and some I had heard of already, some I hadn't heard of (YIKES!). Forget the sterilization/extermination of the population if you want I haven't investigated that claim and I know it sounds far-fetched, but the foods in the grocery store that have all these strange chemicals/colors etc, GMO's, are not good for anyone and they are doing harm to many consumers. This is something I know for sure...people are getting more toxic and eating things they shouldn't and the FDA just keeps approving things that I can't believe they think could be SAFE! I definitely feel that the FDA just keeps saying well it "probably" is safe and we are the "guinea pigs" being tested on to see if it REALLY is safe! I will post more about the articles I find about this video... research for yourself too!
 Too many of the claims on this video are TRUE statements. That is SCARY!

Biased Studies, Hidden or Omitted Studies

This is a very sad researching Lupus and nutrition and other items of interest, I came across referenced articles in medical journals. I said, oh how I want to read those medical journals and studies...but who's to say what is skewed, biased or real and honest studies and results that are not ALLOWED to be published. Read the following article...

September 15, 2010

A Wake Up Call

Hi there!

I watched Kevin Gianni's show from yesterday and I loved one of his answers to a fan.
It gave me a wake up call on what I need to focus on and I figured I'd pass it on.
The question from a viewer was what had Kevin heard about the health benefits of Rooibos tea?

Well Kevin did get up on his "soapbox" but here was his answer. What matters in life for your health is:

1)Eat healthy
3)Reduce stress
5)Find your passion/like your job
6)Like your relationships

Then add the quote "superfoods" on TOP of all the other items above!

Kevin never really gave any info on Rooibos tea, so look below at what I found...just for your information I don't drink much tea but when I do I have been drinking Eden organic Sencha tea. I had been drinking Kukicha tea before that but found that lately the Kukicha seemed to give me more irregular heart beats...after the flouride info below I don't know how much I'll be drinking tea....

Rooibos Tea has some good benefits read below but also read about tea and flouride below as well! I never knew teas had issues with containing flouride as well! Of course this is an ingredient that is NOT listed on the package because it is caused from the growing/manufacturing process....

As for Rooibos tea
Fluoride in all teas!

September 14, 2010

Patients Be Your Own Advocate

I  read the below article, and feel the same way....don't think doctors are infallible... they are just humans too....and they make mistakes....whether it's a cut that doesn't heal or a Lupus symptom that makes you feel ill at ease when the doctor says it's nothing, somtimes YOU have to  be the one to ask for more tests, just to be sure!

September 13, 2010

Happy National Celiac Disease Awareness Day!

For more information on National Celiac Awareness Day or more information on celiac disease
go to this website and scroll down...

Looks Like "Leaky Gut" STILL!

Got my results from my latest IgG test back...

Looks like I still have many food allergies, they are just changing with the way I change my diet...therefore looks like I still have a leaky gut just that different foods are leaking through causing my body to create antibodies to them...
More on leaky gut  click the link below :

For instance my IgG reaction to eggs and gluten looks better...(took these foods out of my diet completely)

My IgG reaction to soy (from macrobiotic food) and nuts (from  raw food) looks much WORSE!

There are many other foods that are better /worse also. I also have an issue with many more veggies as well.... : (

Time to change up my diet again and investigate further how to heal my leaky gut to stop these continuing food allergies. A doctor that I went to said I need to get rid of my mercury and lead load (got tested by a provocation test and have both) or my leaky gut won't heal or will continue to return...

I was hoping that the foods in the macrobiotic diet would help me to detox the heavy metals (foods like sea veggies, cilantro, dark green veggies, sulfur containing cruciferous veggies like broccoli etc)...they still may have...but it is gradual over time....

I am also due for a blood work up, will make an appt soon...

Italian and Spanish descent and Lupus

Stumbled on this, this morning, checking into something else.... read on....Celiac Disease is very high in Italy also...more reason that Celiac Disease and Lupus go hand in hand?

The frequency of lupus could be increasing because milder forms of the disease are being recognised. For example, Uramoto and co-workers 4 examined the incidence of the disorder in Rochester, MN, USA, and noted that it had more than tripled from 1·51 per 100,000 in the 1950–79 cohort to 5·56 per 100,000 between 1980 and 1992. In this study, although survival in the later cohort was worse than in the general population, there were clear improvements in survival rates over the 1950–79 cohort. 4 Trager and colleagues 5 suggested that patients with lupus nowadays could have a milder form of the disease and a better chance of survival than patients described several decades ago, probably because of an earlier diagnosis of milder disease. However, despite these improvements in survival, fatigue and other quality of life measures might not have improved.

A review of 32 studies has summarised the incidence and prevalence of systemic lupus erythematosus in several countries and documented the increased disease burden, especially in non-white populations. 6 Although there was wide variation in the prevalence of lupus worldwide, the highest prevalences were reported in Italy, Spain, Martinique, and the UK Afro-Caribbean population.

This disease is more common in women with African ancestry but is thought to be rare in west Africa, suggesting that environmental factors can contribute to the development of lupus in women whose ancestors migrated from that region. However, when women who had recently migrated from west Africa were examined, the prevalence of lupus was similar to that seen in Afro-Caribbean women but was much lower in European women. 7 These data suggest that systemic lupus erythematosus is fairly common in west Africa and that there is a genetic basis for the higher risk of lupus in these women. Connect to Better Health
for the rest of the article
I am of Italian and Portuguese/Spanish Descent !

September 9, 2010

Why the China Study is Flawed by Dr. Mercola

What a big leap for Dr. Mercola...if he ever wanted to be controversial and disagreed with this was the way to "stir the pot"! (Click on the article at the end of this post) I personally believe each person is different and has a different chemical make up. Some people do OK with milk and eggs and meat, and some people do better as vegans AND I believe you need to adapt your diet further even at different stages of your life and during differing diseased states. For example I have Lupus at this point I will eat differently than when I am healed. I have heard recently of 2 people on a raw food diet that their cholesterol levels were unbalanced in their bodies(found out they had too little cholesterol by a blood test) and eating animal products helped them rebuild and balance their bodies. I also have talked to many complete vegans that credit their diet for reversing cancer, heart disease, and other diseases.  At this point in my research, I believe if you are in a diseased state, you need to detox by a vegan diet (raw or macrobiotics or other) and then later, when you are detoxed, you can go to a more varied diet, again, depending on your own body. Of course at any time you feel you need to you can go back to the cleansing/detox diet to reboot.

We all know that you need to take out the artificials, the man made things, the colors, processed foods etc.
Then you experiment...what makes YOUR body feel great? That is the ONLY thing you need to know. Does your body need meat, fish, eggs, milk raw or cooked? and if it does and how much? We all know that Americans are great at having 3 meals with a large meat serving at every meal everyday. I can tell you that is not healthy for anyone.

Also you MUST do periodic FULL blood testing, for vitamins and minerals and hormones etc., not just the usual CBC.  A CBC won't tell you if you have  adequate vitamin D3 or adequate B12 and other nutrients as well...just because you are eating great food doesn't mean you are assimilating it properly. Just one little thing wrong with your intestines functioning and you won't be able to absorb the nutrients you need. One vitamin or mineral deficiency and your body's normal functioning, or enzymes or hormones can be thrown off.
Read Dr. Mercola's article below.

September 8, 2010

Watch Excess Vitamin Intake

A great link listing vitamins and how they can help your body and how in excess how they can hurt your body. One practitioner told me to take a lot of cod liver oil...this can be very dangerous as excess vitamin A and vitamin D can be toxic to the body. Always research what doctors/practitioners tell you and always do blood tests to check your vitamin levels.

September 4, 2010

Steve Nenninger Gluten Information

The following is a good portion of the talk I went to the other evening.  Dr. Steve Nenninger practices as a nutritionist in NY as there is no licensing at this time for Naturopaths in NY. He is licensed in 3 other states as a Naturopath. Having an IgG test done and avoiding foods that I was intolerant/allergic to really lessened my Lupus symptoms to almost nothing and changed my life. I hope to reverse my Lupus altogether some day! I keep researching and working on my health.

Gluten Information From Steve Nenninger from Steve Nenninger on Vimeo.

"Dangerous Grains" Why Gluten Cereal Grains May be Hazardous to You Health

Go to Amazon Link below to "look inside"
In researching Dr. Reading and Dr. Wright I found another great book. Requested it from my library and have been reading it ever since. It is copywrited 2002, so some of you have probably have heard of it before. It is called "Dangerous Grains" by James Braly MD and Ron Hoggan MA.

At this point I have found so many books and doctors that agree that Lupus and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis are both absolutely linked with gluten intolerance/allergy, and/or Celiac Disease.

Please research for yourself! Knowledge is power!

September 2, 2010

Benefits of Miso from Care2

*** Make sure you get gluten free miso if you need to. Many miso's use barley. I use South River Hearty Brown Rice Miso, it is gluten free.

Inspiring Message on Raw Food

Always know there IS another way! You need to make your own decision on what you choose to do in your own life, with your treatment. There are no guarantees. I know raw food can be very healing.....I am truly grateful that Ronnie and Minh shared this video and I wanted to pass it on to all of you! Have a great day and BE INSPIRED!

September 1, 2010

Need More Reasons to Kick Sugar?

Check out the following article on Sugar Shock.

Hereditary Fructose Intolerance

Went to see my favorite naturopath give a talk about the evils of gluten. He also mentioned this, see below. Looks like there is Hereditary Fructose Intolerance that is rare and Fructose Malabsorption which is relatively common. Whether you have this issue or not...good to cut back or rid yourself of sugar consumption (easy for me to say...I STILL eat sugar...I'm a BAD GIRL)