May 31, 2016

Mold in Foods in NY (Winter)

As winter turns to spring here in NY, I was told by my holistic doctor to avoid moldy foods. Right away I thought avoid grains, nuts, beans, sugary foods, root veggies, tropical fruits and more...foods stored for long periods are most at risk.

The problem is in NY the growing season ends in November and  between November til April/May, NY gets food "trucked" in from FL ,CA , and then tropical locations as well.

When the not usually moldy foods are on trucks/ships for a week/2 weeks or more to get here...guess what? EVERYTHING gets moldy! It was VERY frustrating to find foods that were not moldy.

Now, thank goodness it is the end of May and the farmers are cranking out those veggies and there I will be to get FRESH veggies/fruits from their fields.

Another way to make sure your food is fresher is to grow it yourself.

I have realized gardening is not one of my strengths, although I love to see things grow!