August 31, 2010

Dyslexia,Baldness,Lupus and More Gluten Digestion Issues?

My husband  has vitiligo and baldness (alopeia areata) and dyslexia and ADHD in his family background. My family has Lupus, thyroid issues, baldness in my family backgound. Is it from an inability to digest gluten?
Check the follwing articles...

August 30, 2010

Lupus Gluten and Hypo Allergenic Diet Research

Someone had posted a website link on my blog a while back and I was just re-reading it the other day. The rest of this post is from someone else.  Below is this person's opinion and research. Read on below. I am doing more research on Dr. Reading and Dr. Wright for myself.

A little bit more on Lupus...

There are actually many cause and many approach towards treatment of Lupus depending on how you look at it. If the treatment is to prevent hair loss caused by lupus, treatment with prednisone might stop hair loss. There is a story of an Australian doctor who successfully treated lupus based on gluten allergies which was to avoid all grains except corn and rice. Here is some information:

Dr Reading, an Australian doctor who cured a hundred Lupus [SLE] patients by [among other things] taking them off all grains except RICE and CORN. Dr Wright discussed the connection between a Lancet article recently reporting a link between the genetic marker HLA-B8 and 17 diseases with what he had learned from Dr Reading. All but one of the 17 diseases [Celiac Disease] arethought to be autoimmune diseases. Dr Wright deduced that if dietary restriction of gluten cured the one gene-linked disease known to have an external cause that perhaps all of the gene-linked diseases had an external cause and that it might just be gluten sensitivity!

I would bet on it!!

Here is the list of the diseases linked to the gene that might respond to restriction of gluten containing foods. My advice is that ANY patient with one of the following diagnoses be taken off ALL grain and ALL dairy products until their involvement is ruled out.

Addison's Disease

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia

Celiac disease

Childhood asthma

Chronic autoimmune hepatitis

Dermatitis herpetiformis

Grave's disease

Insulin dependent (type 1) Diabetes mellitus

Lupus erythematosis

Myesthenia gravis

Pernicious anemia [100% also suffer total lack of

stomach acid]

Polymyalgia rheumatica


Sjogren's syndrome


Ulcerative colitis


Dr Wright recommends the tTG test for gluten/gliadin sensitivity, a measure of tissue transglutaminase and supposedly the most sensitive test now available. Information from a website is included below for your convenience.

Other tests are the endomysial antibody test [EMA] for short lived antibodies and the antigliadin antibody [AGA] test for the longer lived IgA and IgG antibodies.

Be sure the patient has consumed gluten containing foods right up until test day or the tests might show negative even in gluten sensitive people.

Again there is a story of someone who was "cured" of lupus taking a common medicine available in most pharmacy stores, Calorad.

Some people are allergic to certain drugs and environmental toxins. So stopping certain medications, or drugs might help. Common drugs that induced lupus are procainamide (Pronestyl) hydralazine (Apresoline) quinidine (Quinaglute). Also, its been known that taking nasal vaccines causes lupus to be much worse. Discontinuation of vaccines might also be helpful.

Personally, I suspect that many authorities know what causes lupus and its cures, but they are keeping it mum and for a good reason. There has been many stories I hear of people taking vaccinations such as polio and hepatitis A for example then suddenly wham, lupus! I hear that taking high dose steroids for example cured lupus. Hormone therapy such as prednisone were also helpful.

Let me conclude about treatment with Lupus to make it simple: The main cause of lupus is nucleic acid deficiency. Supplementation with RNA/DNA, liquid protein supplements (e.g. calorad) and Sulfur rich foods and sulfur supplements (MSM, Brewer's Yeast, Selenium) and cofactors for DNA synthesis such as vitamin B complex should help along with TMG (Trimethyglycine).

Finally avoidance of gluten containing foods such as white flour and wheat, sugar, overcooked meats, drug medications, and vaccine should eliminate most of the lupus conditions. Short term treatments such as steroids and prednisone might be helpful. Detoxification is necessary in first stages such as liver detoxification, and reduction heavy metal toxicity by using EDTA for example are the basics. Elimination of environmental toxins is also important. If you just follow this email alone, most of the conditions of Lupus should be alleviated."

Mental Illness and Diet

Go gluten free and milk free if you're a schizophrenic????? This doctor thinks so and frankly so do I !

More Reading for You...

I want to pass this along..if you don't want to get books from the library, check articles and doctors on the internet...I have requested this doctor's book on genes, I will let you know what I think of it when I receive it.

August 27, 2010

What is Lupus?

A rather good  description of Lupus and symptoms. If you have a friend or family member with Lupus, the below site gives a great overview for you to know what the person with Lupus is up against. I have had many of these symptoms in the past.... glad to say I had forgotten about many of them....

The incureable part is still up to debate with me and others, doctors included. You may say I'm crazy .....
or you may believe me.... but I believe Lupus IS reverseable (that is my personal opinion and Dr. Mark Hyman's opinion, and Dr. Sherry Roger's opinion, and many other naturopaths and holistic MD's too!)
All I can tell you is KEEP reading and keep searching. Read the books on healing that I posted, try and find a trusted doctor any type of doctor that will work with you and believe in healing and try to fix the root causes of your illness.. Don't give up!

August 26, 2010

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau on Food Network

***Caution Seitan contains wheat!**** Also make sure all your sauces and marinades are wheat free too if necessary!

My Favorite Go- To Cookbook These Days!

"The Vegan Table" by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. I LOVE this cookbook! I will definitely purchase this one! I first found it at the local bookstore and then requested it from my local library. There are some recipes with wheat... but many without wheat, many you can change out very easily so they don't have wheat.

Check this book out you will be glad that you did!

Also my second runner up lately is "Real Food Daily" by Ann Gentry. Love that one also! Both books are mostly cooked foods, along a macrobiotic style,  but there are some raw fancy salads.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Hoping and praying you are pain free.

August 25, 2010

Protein Counts and a Vegetarian/Vegan Diet

Loved this site. Check it out. Where do you get YOUR protein?

Vegan Bodybuilding

If you know me , by my posts or in KNOW I have a tough time with exercise...
As well as I eat and work hard to cook and prepare and put into my body the healthiest foods possible...I have such a tough time getting motivated to exercise :(

I know it is good for me, I know it loosens my joints even more, I know I feel great after I do it...but somehow I just always put it off. Or I'd rather blog or play my guitar or play piano or study nutrition or research health at the library, or read, or cook. It seems all the things I love to do require being stationary.

I finally decided to get my rear in gear and try a personal is I have checked with a few trainers at this point.

One thing I was unhappy about is the trainers I contacted all said I need to increase my protein and eat fish or meat. I do eat fish occasionally but I get most of my protein vegan like...beans, nuts, seeds, grains, veggies, fruits. I have decided I need to find a vegan personal trainer or at least one that believes you don't need tons of meat and fish protein to look good and get some muscle added. I don't want mega muscles or anything!

Have you ever seen Alissa Cohen? She eats all raw vegan! See the above picture...

I am posting a website that I found below. Yes Virginia, you can be a vegan, eat no meat or fish or eggs or milk, and be healthy and strong! Everything I have researched up until now has said if anything Lupus patients need to eat less protein, but please do your own research and find your own balance. And also decide for yourself if being vegan is right for you.
See this article for Lupus recommendatons from Dr. Andrew Weil click below

For Vegan Bodybuilding click below

August 24, 2010

Wonder Where I Got This Information?

One of my favorite books

I have researched many doctors, gone to and talked to many Holistic MD doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, read articles on the internet and spent countless hours at my local library...they know me by name there..almost like I work at the library...

Here are some books to read to let you know where I have taken much of the information from for this blog. I was very proud to come to many conclusions on my own and then find out there are many doctors that believe what I believe is the cause of disease....and then have the confirmation that I was on the right track!

What causes many diseases including Lupus :
1) toxins
2) nutritional deficiencies
3) stress
4) digestive/ intestinal issues/leaky gut/ parasites/candida/which causes food allergies and intolerances which cause inflammation...

August 23, 2010

If you want just the Facts....

Just the pertinent bare bones facts of my personal Lupus Healing Plan. The below blog focuses on what I have learned ...and many things I've tried that have helped lessen my symptoms,  and many things I will try/want to try in the future. See the below link to my Lupus Hope Healing Plan blog for the bare facts, and this blog (Lupus Hope) for the details.

What "Diet" Do You Choose to Follow?

I attended a vegan cooking class at my local health food store yesterday. It was GREAT! Met some very nice and interesting people who were all trying to be healthier in some way. I met a man ( Hi Tristan!) if you are reading this....
He said he was following a special diet in a book he had found out about. He said he felt much better on this diet. My two concerns were that:
1) He wasn't supposed to eat all day and had a LARGE meal before bed.
2) He ate A LOT of meat on this diet

Just a note to Tristan and everyone as a reminder, including myself! (I need to get my blood levels checked as well! I have been on supplements for my Vitamin D3 as well as B12 and I need to see how that is going. Do I need more are my "stores" adequate now?)

 Make sure when you try a special diet change, whether for food allergic/intolerance reasons, or to better your health...know that you are using yourself as a "guinea pig" and you should make sure that after 3-6 months on a diet you get your blood levels checked by your physician to make sure that your blood results are getting better or at least staying level (if they are in the proper ranges to start). It is also great to get your blood levels checked as a baseline BEFORE you start the diet to judge what direction that diet is taking you in.

If you can afford it, one of the best blood tests I have found and had done is the Metametrix Cardio Ion. See below for info.

Make sure your blood results are getting better, whatever diet you choose to follow/or whatever foods you choose to eat! To your health!

20 Ways to Detox Your House from Care2

Non GMO Shopping Guide

August 21, 2010

Tried my Bitter Melon Today!

****See Caution at end of Post****

The reason I had bought this was 2 fold:

1) I had heard that it is an incredible internal body cleanser (I think you only should eat /drink juice from a little bit at a time? Will research this more..see below!)

2) Happened to find it at an Organic Farm nearby that specializes in Asian produce

The melon was turning yellow/orange which I read mellows the bitterness a bit.

I was afraid at first...but when I tasted the juice it reminded me of wheat grass which I didn't mind the taste of at all (but got ear fluid /ear pain and assumed I am really allergic to wheat not just intolerant)

Also reminds me of the bitter background flavor that kale or strong lettuce can sometimes have.

To me...the taste was not too bad at all ....I will let you know if my body has any reaction to it in the next few days....

There are many recipes on the internet for juicing/smoothies and stir fries, soups, teas, and even stuffed bitter melon.

Check out all the health benefits of this fruit.


***Do not consume more than two ounces of bitter melon, or more than two melons a day. Excessive consumption may cause mild abdominal pain or diarrhea. Diabetics taking hypoglycemic drugs will need to alter the dosage of their drugs if they consume bitter melon on a regular basis. Please consult your doctor.

Pregnant women should avoid taking too much bitter gourd or its juice as it may stimulate the uterus that may lead to preterm labor.****

August 20, 2010

30 Ways to Get Cancer and Other Chronic Illnesses

Got this via facebook. A little on the negative side for me but if you or someone close to you needs a
 "kick in the pants" rather than "sweet talk" Show them this.

To counter the negativity, because I am very uncomfortable with it, from the same site...

August 17, 2010

Dr. Oz Home Health Hazards

A video  and articles for you to learn to keep your home healthier.

Safe Homemade Non-Toxic Cleaner

What's Toxic?

Where do you spend your money?

Where do you spend your money? Makeup and clothes? video games, TV's, electronics? house, furniture, vacations?

People generally spend more on their cars... spend tons on gas, repairs, tires, washing, waxing. People realize you need to put in the proper fuel in a car..gasoline...but what does your body need for fuel? Do you know? How much are you willing to spend on fuel/food for your body to keep it functioning properly? Will you give your body lots of fresh organic veggies and fruits? Other organic whole grains, nuts and seeds?

People cringe at doctors copays, or just plain say  forget the Holistic MD that they may have to pay out of pocket for...if you don't have your health you can't enjoy anything else.

The next time your car needs $800 of repairs, or you buy new furniture for your house...think about how much you've spent on food, health, doctor visits..make sure you are spending what you need for yourself and your health. YOU are WORTH it!

For an article by Mark Hyman on spending more money for healthy foods click below

August 16, 2010

Inexpensive GFCF Ideas

 Check out Lori  I need to save every penny, she has great ideas for lowering your cost for gluten free, casein free diets.

Bought a Bitter Melon (Bitter Gourd)

I went to an organic farm on Eastern Long Island called Sang Lee. They specialize in Asian produce. We bought a bitter melon I will let you know how I like it and what I decide to do with it. I am researching on the internet so far. Click below to see what I've found..

Coupons for Organic Foods

From Lisa at Lupus Girl Goes Raw. Check out her blog also! Great info

Coupons for Organic Foods Click Below

BEDROK Body Ecology and Autism Video

Here is a very interesting viewpoint on reversing autism. Donna Gates and this medical doctor talk about why they believe children get autism and how the gut plays such an important part of your health. I believe this is very true of all diseases including Lupus. Watch, learn and try cultured veggies and the Body Ecology Diet. Introduce probiotic foods and see how you feel. PS just learned that Donna Gates is 63 years old! I thought she was 45-50 years old. She is doing something right!

August 14, 2010

Macrobiotic Foods and Camping

We've been camping alot this summer and "broke in" our new campstove. It is a 2 burner propane need to start a fire and wait to cook, it is ready right away. OK I feel like I am cheating a little..but we still do have campfires too. Feel like we are the only campers making macrobiotic and raw foods at our campsite....

Here's a list of what we've cooked.



Brown Rice/ Brown Rice Pasta

Brown Rice Cereal /grits


Soy Sauce

Sesame Oil

Ume Plum Vinegar


We also brought our:


Cutting Board and a Great Knife

Pan and pot to cook in

Found a Wild By Nature health food store close to the campground

Smell of other campers cooking meat and bacon still "gets me", it smells too yummy.

Weird and Gross things in processed foods

Just don't buy packaged food as much. If you can, stop buying packaged foods completely. Even as good as I try to be,  I still buy a good amount of packaged foods. : (  At least I don't buy wonder bread anymore (haven't in 13 years at least) ...I now buy Food For Life Brown Rice Tortillas. So I am making healthier choices...but it is still packaged in plastic...GRRRR!

Below is a list of weird and gross things in processed foods...

Could Food be the Culprit of Your Health Challenges by Dr. Doni

Dr. Doni is another Naturopath that I've heard speak a few times, she is outrageous!

August 13, 2010

A Top Ten (well more than 10) List for Detoxing your Home

This post is from a list that I am on. It is from Lisa in PA. She had done all of this in babysteps (it can be expensive) because she has a child with autism spectrum disorder. All of these things can help Lupus and other diseases too because we all need to get rid of the toxins in and around our home so we reduce the toxins taken in/absorbed/breathed in by ourselves and our families!

Another addition from me to her fine list is -

- get rid of carpeting it is usually a bunch of glues and chemicals , or if you must have carpet try natural fibers like sisal (watch the furniture you buy too!)

Here's what we did and we saw improvements:

- get rid of aluminum and nonstick cookware and bakeware.

-change diet to mostly organic/non GMO and chemical free as much as possible

-replaced mattress with organic chemical free mattress

-no more treated sleepware

 -use vinegar and baking soda and essential oils for cleaning, I do buy a few non toxic cleaners.

-no artificially scented products in the home - candles, air fresheners, perfumes, etc. There are plenty of safe chemical free products out there

- Thank GOD for the internet.

-chemical free personal care products

-water filtration system for the entire house - drinking and bath water

-rarely use microwave for cooking/heating

-natural lawn care only

-HEPA air filtration for sleeping and main living area

-lots of fresh air, sunshine, and exercise

-good sleep and laughter

August 11, 2010

Salsa Fresca /Pico De Gallo

If you have any issues with nightshades, (peppers, tomatoes, etc.) skip this one!

Really Easy Salad

Ditched the Pool Chlorine!

We ditched the chlorine in the pool ! I forgot to tell you all that this year we finally went for the salt water pool filter. It has been working out great and we are very happy with it. We are very happy that we removed another toxin from our life and our kids' lives! Here is information on the filter click the link above....

August 10, 2010

Problem Ingredients

If you see any of these ingredients (in the link above) in your food don't buy it and definitely don't eat it, always remember the less ingredients you see on a nutrtion facts label the better. Or better yet buy produce from the farm stand or even better grow your own veggies/fruits. Buy products that are not in a package at the grocery store.

Dietary Changes for Hashimoto's/ Hypothyroidism

More invaluable information from Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MS Newsletter. He says going Gluten Free is of utmost importance! Read the rest of the advice too!

August 9, 2010

"Food Matters" DVD is GREAT!

This is an outrageous DVD! check it out! Check if you can find it at your local library first to get it to watch for free.

Raw Coconut Nectar

A friend just told me about this. I haven't investigated/researched or tried it yet. Just passing the info along.

August 4, 2010

Ronnie and Minh and the Bliss Fest

I HAVE to get myself to one of these raw food festivals. They look so fun and informative!

Juicing with a Vitamix Causes Loss of Enzymes?

Read this if you get a chance...I had always thought it was odd that macrobiotics teaches you to be so gentle when preparing your foods. The energy you put into the preparation is in your food also. Made me think more about my Blendtec Blender...
I had been thinking prior to this post that you really beat up the food when you put it in a blender/pulverizer...

Peach Season- Some recipes from Veria and one from me

Of course you COULD east them fresh off the tree. If you practice macrobiotics, peaches are a tree fruit and therefore should be cooked before eating.

 My idea ...stew peaches, cool , and add over the top of Vanilla Rice Dream or Purely Decadent Soy Milk Frozen Dessert. Add nuts and a real fresh cherry (not a marachino) and you have a delicious and mostly healthy dessert!

So You Have Lupus... What Do You Do Next?

This is from my  Lupus Hope Healing's just the facts,  no extras...check out this post and the others it is straight forward information. If you have any questions feel free to email

August 3, 2010

Learn to Cook the Way Grandma Did

Check this website out! I am going to try some of the fermented recipes, I'll tell you all how they turn out!

More Outrageous Books and CD Sets

I found 2 great things for learning about how to heal your body and what your body needs to be in the best it can be. Remeber check your local library first to look at the book before you buy it!

1)"The Optimum Nutrition Bible" by Patrick Holford

2) Dr. Andrew Weil's Guide to Optimum Health" CD Set

Interested in what is being researched?

Also read  "Health Wars" by Philip Day  

Dr. Mercola interviews David Wolfe and more health info

I LOVE surrounding myself with healing information AND I want to share all the great info that I find with you! Click below for more great info.

August 1, 2010

Books to read on healing

Click on the link below for the books I have found with great information on healing Lupus and other diseases!

Mark Hyman MD How to Stop Attacking Yourself : 9 Steps to Heal Autoimmune Disease

This doctor is excellent ! Read his articles, read his books! He is one of the most brilliant doctors and he went through mercury poisoning and chronic fatigue, mental fogginess and lots more and healed himself ...and went on to heal countless others as well. If you see his name read by an article or on a book jacket make sure you do yourself the honor of learning what he has to say!

Stacey Becker on FaceBook

This is an email I received. I am forwarding it to you all because although Stacey Becker found a cure to Lupus in a MOST curious way...she has very good information to share on healing Lupus (and other diseases too) therefore I am passing this along.

Hi Toni,

I hope this quick note finds you doing well.

Here is the Facebook update.

Even if you are not yet a facebook participant, please read/keep

email in case you choose to join at a later date (and have the

instructions/entry code).


I have decided to make it a closed group, as many were concerned

about privacy. Although it's not a 100% solution, it's what I have

to work with. If you are deeply concerned about not sharing your

name and info, it is wise to open a new Facebook account under

an 'alias'.

Here are the steps to joining:
1. Sign up for a Facebook account if you don't already have one,

by visiting

2. Search 'Healing Lupus and Auto Immune Diseases in the search

box. You will see a picture of my book/me.

3. Add me (Healing Lupus) as a friend.

4. ENTER 'I CAN HEAL' in the personal message box to me.

This is the entry requirement to join the group, or people will

not be able to access it, as it will let me know I do not know


5. I will then have to add you as a friend on my end, and you will

get a notification that 'Healing Lupus is now a friend'.

6. You will then need to search the group 'Lhealing Lupus and Auto

Immune Disease' again to now get into the 'GROUP' level, and request

to join again.

Again, enter 'I can heal' in the personal message box, so I know you

are a part of my newsletter group (I will not be able to know/remember

with hundreds of requests), and you're in :)

This is going to require me adding you from my end, before you

can join or access the group. Because I am inundated with my

'real job' I am not at home/online 24-7, but I will get to the

join requests as soon as humanly possible for me to do so. Please

be patient :)

I sincerely apologize for the delay getting this going. Facebook

had/is an enigma to me, but I am going to figure my way through



So that we're all on the same page:

Healing Lupus Healing Lupus and AutoImmune Disease Facebook Group is

dedicated to those wishing to give and receive support.

Please use this site to work together as a mutual support system,

and for a venue to share positive, useful and relevant information.

Please note: No advertising or marketing is permitted (except for

sharing of helpful natural healing content). No instance of negative

or mean spirited comments will be accepted, which will result in

immediate removal of content and your membership to this site.


Although I'm away most of the long weekend, I wanted to still send this

to get the process started. I know many people who are interested

do not have a facebook account, so it will require a little testing

(on both of our ends)!

I promise, Facebook will/is going happen ...please bear with me through

my 'technical frustrations' and delay!!

I look forward to having all of you who are interested share mutual

support, care, understanding, information, and friendship.

There is likely to be 'glitches', and many questions for other

newbies like myself. I will email answers/solutions to common

questions to help out, but there is no way I can act as a technical

support person to hundreds of questions on a one on one basis.

Wishing you and your loved ones the best, especially in good health!!

Warmest regards,

Stacey Becker

p.s. More notes and tips will be added as I/we proceed through the

process. If you do not currently want to join, please save this

email in case you would like to in the future, so that you are aware

of the 'entry code' and steps to access the group at a later date.

#117-12633 #2 road, Richmond, B.C. V7E 6N5, CANADA

To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit: