August 1, 2010

Stacey Becker on FaceBook

This is an email I received. I am forwarding it to you all because although Stacey Becker found a cure to Lupus in a MOST curious way...she has very good information to share on healing Lupus (and other diseases too) therefore I am passing this along.

Hi Toni,

I hope this quick note finds you doing well.

Here is the Facebook update.

Even if you are not yet a facebook participant, please read/keep

email in case you choose to join at a later date (and have the

instructions/entry code).


I have decided to make it a closed group, as many were concerned

about privacy. Although it's not a 100% solution, it's what I have

to work with. If you are deeply concerned about not sharing your

name and info, it is wise to open a new Facebook account under

an 'alias'.

Here are the steps to joining:
1. Sign up for a Facebook account if you don't already have one,

by visiting

2. Search 'Healing Lupus and Auto Immune Diseases in the search

box. You will see a picture of my book/me.

3. Add me (Healing Lupus) as a friend.

4. ENTER 'I CAN HEAL' in the personal message box to me.

This is the entry requirement to join the group, or people will

not be able to access it, as it will let me know I do not know


5. I will then have to add you as a friend on my end, and you will

get a notification that 'Healing Lupus is now a friend'.

6. You will then need to search the group 'Lhealing Lupus and Auto

Immune Disease' again to now get into the 'GROUP' level, and request

to join again.

Again, enter 'I can heal' in the personal message box, so I know you

are a part of my newsletter group (I will not be able to know/remember

with hundreds of requests), and you're in :)

This is going to require me adding you from my end, before you

can join or access the group. Because I am inundated with my

'real job' I am not at home/online 24-7, but I will get to the

join requests as soon as humanly possible for me to do so. Please

be patient :)

I sincerely apologize for the delay getting this going. Facebook

had/is an enigma to me, but I am going to figure my way through



So that we're all on the same page:

Healing Lupus Healing Lupus and AutoImmune Disease Facebook Group is

dedicated to those wishing to give and receive support.

Please use this site to work together as a mutual support system,

and for a venue to share positive, useful and relevant information.

Please note: No advertising or marketing is permitted (except for

sharing of helpful natural healing content). No instance of negative

or mean spirited comments will be accepted, which will result in

immediate removal of content and your membership to this site.


Although I'm away most of the long weekend, I wanted to still send this

to get the process started. I know many people who are interested

do not have a facebook account, so it will require a little testing

(on both of our ends)!

I promise, Facebook will/is going happen ...please bear with me through

my 'technical frustrations' and delay!!

I look forward to having all of you who are interested share mutual

support, care, understanding, information, and friendship.

There is likely to be 'glitches', and many questions for other

newbies like myself. I will email answers/solutions to common

questions to help out, but there is no way I can act as a technical

support person to hundreds of questions on a one on one basis.

Wishing you and your loved ones the best, especially in good health!!

Warmest regards,

Stacey Becker

p.s. More notes and tips will be added as I/we proceed through the

process. If you do not currently want to join, please save this

email in case you would like to in the future, so that you are aware

of the 'entry code' and steps to access the group at a later date.

#117-12633 #2 road, Richmond, B.C. V7E 6N5, CANADA

To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit:

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  1. I purchased "I don't have lupus anymore," online but just realized that I never received the report on lupus diet do's and don'ts with some helpful resources at the back of the book. Can Stacey please email me this information as promised on page 40 of the book. Thank you.