September 30, 2011

Deadly Listeria and Canteloupes by Natural News

Yes, if you haven't heard, beware melons, but also beware the gov't. The gov't should try to find out why the canteloupes are contaminated,  not be trying to take more control of the food supply, to irradiate (sterilize the produce with radiation) and otherwise "mess" with the food's integrity and nutrition. Read on for Mike Adam's at Natural New's updates. Happy Friday!

September 27, 2011

Jill Harrington and Water Fasting

Just a quick mention to read  or re-read "The Lupus Recovery Diet" by Jill Harrington . The way Jill Harrington found out that it was the food she was eating that was giving her the Lupus symptoms she was having was to try a water fast. She then realized she felt BETTER on the water fast, her symptoms went away! If you do a water fast ALWAYS do it under medical supervision.

A couple of other ways to see if foods are bothering you,  is try green smoothies only for a few days to a week and see how you feel, or just eat veggies for a few days to a week and see how you feel. A warning here.... many times you feel worse for the first few (3-4) days. Then there is a clearing and you feel so much better.

For another plan you can also eat salmon, sardines small portions (4 oz/day) and veggies raw or cooked lightly (add brown rice if you are still  hungry) and a few low sugar fruits (berries, lemons, pears) (skip the apples and bananas at first, many have reactions to these) Drink filtered water or herbal tea throughout the day.
Skip the coffee/dairy/bread/pasta/sweets/eggs/corn see below also etc

Another way is to try an elimination diet. Take out all the wheat, gluten, oats, dairy, eggs, corn ,meat,  from your diet then add them back in one by one for a week each. If you have a reaction to a food. Go back to the elimination diet til the symptoms subside remove the food that caused the problem and then add another food on the list. Keeping a food diary or journal really helps keep track. You can do this with the help of a holistic doctor as well if you don't want to go it alone.

Look up elimination diets on line Dr. Cranton has a great one. Or check out the "Ultra Simple Diet" book by Mark Hyman MD.

Do not "cheat" on these diets... especially in the first week (or two or three if you have the willpower) or you will never know for sure if you could feel tons better by avoiding foods you are intolerant to. If you cheat that little amount of food that your body is sensitive to can cause a huge reaction in the form of headaches/joint pains/sinus problems and a whole lot more.

Dr. Steve Nenninger ND has a 96 food IgG food allergy blood test if you can afford that, if the food elimination seems too hard without hard "proof" of what you should avoid.

Questions? Please comment below or email me at

September 22, 2011

Check Out Ronnie and Minh's New Gardening Video

Woody in the pool! Ronnie and Minh's Gardening in the Desert Video (has tips for gardening anywhere as well) Grape Leaves (Raw) Nutrition Facts (never thought about eating grape leaves raw...til now...)

September 21, 2011

Doggy Dancing- For a Laugh

My dog, Kylie, playing in the pool as we were emptying it .

It's World Gratitude Day today and I saw a video on Doggy Dancing/ Canine Freestyle and it's something I am grateful for and want to share . Laughter is the best medicine they say!

I am also grateful that dogs are so much fun and can be trained to do so many things, from finding bombs, finding arsonists, to assisting blind people and handicapped folks, to just plain making us giggle with agility obstacle courses and disc dog routines to doggie dancing (canine freestyle). Check out this video! Doggy Dancing Video

I am also grateful for God giving me the information to help myself feel better.

Iam grateful for you, the followers and other readers/visitors of my blog.

I am grateful for the holistic doctors in my life that keep on healing me and other folks when conventional doctors say it can't be done.

I am grateful to God giving me the ability to cook really well to be able to stand up to the challenge of making great tasting gluten free/dairy free and egg free foods for myself and my family as well as sharing with you all.

I am grateful that I am a dog trainer.

I am grateful that I am a Nutrition Consultant.

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn something new each day.

I am grateful that I got Lupus (you heard that right) to take a  long hard look at what I was doing to my body and CHANGE my life and health for the better. (and it changed my family's life as well!)

That I have the basics, a roof over my head, food to eat, and heat and running clean water, a family.

For my 2 children, that though they are challenging at times, they are growing into healthy, smart, and respectful individuals.

For my husband seeing the changes in my diet and how my body responded to them and believing in me and my diet change.

For my animals, that although they can be hard to care for at times, how much love and laughter they give me at other times.

That I have a reliable car to get around in.

That most days I feel well, although tired at times...

I am sure there is so much more! Thank you God I am grateful!

What are YOU grateful for? Please think about it or even write it down for yourself to look at if you are having a day when you are feeling down.

September 19, 2011

Beware Gluten in School Supplies - from Angie at

All of Angie's Recipes are gluten free but check for eggs and dairy. I think many of her recipes have eggs but  I enjoy her list for her great information like the following....
Hi Toni,

Kids are back to school and so is Gluten!

School, believe it or not, is loaded with gluten and not just in the food. Other places gluten sometimes can lurk is in the following school supplies:

* Glue
* Paint
* Crayons
* Modeling clay
* Soap
* Band-aids
* Chalk
* Stamps
* Pasta for craft projects
(The only way to be sure that it's gluten free is to check with each of the above listed items manufacturer.)

Yes, gluten does appear in the oddest places, because the protein quality that makes bread sticky and elastic, and stew become thick, is the same quality it gives glue and other school items that must be thickened (such as school paints).

You can keep your child safe with some pre-planning and communicating with your child's teachers to ensure your school is aware of your child's needs.

If you'd like more information I've written an article on "Gluten Free Schools" right here:

Lastly, a great way to get your children up for school is to start them off with these Berry Good Waffles.


PO Box 2124, Cochrane, AB, Canada, T4C 1B8

September 16, 2011

Taurine and a Nutrition Deficiency Test Book

Here is something I learned the other day. I have been having issues with heart arrythmias lately.
I don't know if it's because of my thyroid, new food allergies, any nutrient deficiencies, etc.

Taurine is found in animal products. So this is another reason you wouldn't want to be a complete vegan. Please read the articles below to see what foods contain taurine. Taurine deficiency can cause heart and eye problems. (hence I was looking for the cause of my heart arrythmias) Also remember vegans should get their B12 checked regularly.

The first link below is to a book on Amazon that is great for symptoms of deficiencies and how to correct those deficiencies. There are also quizzes to determine deficiencies as well. This is a fact packed book that I will try to buy. I first found it at my local library! "Nutrition Tests for Better Health" by Cass Ingram Info on Taurine More info on Taurine

September 15, 2011

Dr. Steve Nenninger ND on the importance of Food Allergy Testing

Please get tested for food allergies. When I was tested for food allergies and avoided the foods I am allergic to, it changed my life incredibly for the better! Also there are millions of people that are helped by this information everyday, it's not just me and it can help ANY condition / health issue. Not just Lupus or Crohn's Disease mentioned below.  Continue reading for Dr. Steve's message.
It is very important that everyone have the IgG test done. More and more I am convinced that this is one of the most important tools to create health and to prevent disease.
Here is a letter that I received that I want to share:
Dear Dr. Nenninger,
Hello there. You have tested our  9 year old daughter a little over 2 months a go.......I just wanted to thank you again for helping us. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and was so sick ..her doctors were going to put her on Remicade. You tested her...and found out she was severe allergies to cows milk, eggs, and gluten. Since changing her diet...her labs continue to improve and she has gained 4 pounds! This is a child that barely gained a pound a year. She has so much energy....and is so happy. What a change in our daughter. I can’t even imagine what her future would have been like if it wasn’t for your help. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts....may God continue to bless you!
It is responses like these that make me want to have everyone tested for these hidden allergens.
Those of you that know me probably know that my 17 years in practice in natural medicine began with my own incurable ulcerative colitis. Since then I have really worked to make healing as simple and straight forward a process for me and my patients as possible. The IgG test is part of that.
People sometimes ask about other tests... did you know that this is the only test to test reactions to both the cooked and raw versions of the food.
It is very possible for a person to be allergic to the cooked version and not the raw version of eggs. An undiagnosed egg allergy is a consistent finding in the cancer cases that I have seen.
If you are waiting for anything please remind us. For better of worse we do manage every case ourselves. So nothing gets missed but sometimes things do take time. This is especially true with the delays due to recent weather conditions.
Next lecture January Saturday, January 14th 2012. Will send a note with registration link soon.
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September 14, 2011

"Yeast Extract" is really MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

Please read the article below from Natural News. This ingredient fooled both me and my Naturopath. Yeast extract is really MSG and MSG causes a variety of health issues, another thing that you should avoid like the plague!

A Song/Laugh from Ronnie and Minh at UB-Raw

Who is deciding to make and sell the disgusting foods shown  and spoken about at the end of the video????
Click below to see video.

September 10, 2011

Dryer Sheets/ Fabric Softeners Toxic!

This is one that is close to my heart for a few reasons...

1) Years back a person told me that if you wrap a dryer sheet around your belt/belt hoops on your pants that bugs won't "bother" you. Also if you don't want bugs in your tent or RV while camping put a few dryer sheets around. Well I tried it and it works....then I thought to myself .....WHY does it work????
You guessed it there are many toxins in dryer sheets! They're not good for people either ! I haven't used dryer sheets or fabric softeners for many, many years now.

2) Also there are so many people in my neighborhood that drench their clothes in smelly stuff. I smell the horribly strong fabric sheet scents eminating from their dryer vents of their is so strong that I can only imagine what it is doing to me, and my family, especially my kids and the environment. People equate clean with a fresh scent, but clean means no scent. Your clothes shouldn't smell unless you want to make a natural sachet of cedar,(cedar shavings can cause respiratory issues if inhaled... use carefully) lavendar or some other natural scent that is pleasing to you and place it in the drawer/closet where your clothes are stored. Please use real all natural scents if you want your clothes to have a pleasing scent for your health and your family's health as well.

Please read the article below from Care 2 to find out about the many toxins that are found in dryer sheets and fabric softeners.

September 8, 2011

Body Ecology Newsletter

Below you will find a little preview of what is in the Body Ecology Newsletter. Please subscribe to it. I highly recommend it.  It is one thing that I receive in my email that I never delete, but will flag it to read later if I don't have the time right away.

Sign up to receive the Body Ecology Newsletter by clicking below. There is also the 6 Top Signs of Celiac Disease on the same page along with an article on Celiac Disease.
Remember that many times Lupus and Celiac Disease go hand in hand (actually many autoimmune disease are found together with Celiac Disease including MS)


Multiple Sclerosis and Symptom Free on BED
Click below to watch video

Donna Gates Body Ecology Website

September 2, 2011

PLU Produce Codes Tell if Organic or Not

 Just a note to anyone that doesn't know this yet but the produce codes (the little tag they stick to fruit)
can tell you if a fruit or veggie is organic or not and even if it is irradiated.

I have caught stores trying to push conventional fruit/veggies under an organic large sign. Buyer beware. Now you will have the ability to make sure the produce you buy is organic.

Organic - A five digit code beginning with a 9  ----- example 94328 organic definition organic vs conventionally grown/raised

Conventionally grown - A 4 digit code starting with a 4 ---- example 4538

Irradiated - a four digit code starting with a 3 example ----- 3278
(pineapples, some oranges and other items from other countries especially are irradiated)

Read below I found out many other foods are irradiated as usual I wish labelling laws would apply I personally don't want to eat food that is treated by radiation...if they're so "proud" of the technology then label it as such  I want natural grass roots GMO's either....for that matter I don't even use a microwave anymore....that is how cautious I am... Irridation facts pros Irradiation cons pros and cons of irradiation

Martha Stewart's Summer Good Things Photo Gallery

Host a Backyard Picnic

Maybe pick one or two of these ideas for the last weekend of Summer. I loved looking through these ideas. Labor Day is here already enjoy the 3 day weekend!

September 1, 2011

Animal Products ot Not? and what I am eating now...

I just watched the Forks Over Knives DVD last night. I borrowed it from my local library.

It was a great DVD lots of great information...made me feel guilty that I had a small piece of farmer market sausage last night with dinner....I started to think maybe I am wrong about having small amounts of meat and fish and poultry in my diet....

Then I read my email this morning and Dr. Mercola, another trusted name in holistic health, says to "Enjoy Saturated Fats They're Good For You" see the link below...

How I feel right now in my life: (this is what I do, and what is right for me at this point in my life, I am not telling you to do this. Please research and do what feels right for you and makes you feel your best in your body, mind and psyche/spirit) These are in random order:

1) I eat totally gluten free, egg free, dairy free (except a small amount of goat's dairy like once every    3 months to a year.) I have documented food allergies to gluten, eggs and dairy and goat's dairy is not an allergy for me.

2) Very rarely,  I eat a small amount of the best meat and fish that I can find,  (I try to avoid beef and only have it rarely as I have heard it can be an issue many times with Lupus/arthritis and joint pains---although maybe it causes a problem in the body if it is grain fed and not free ranged (animals under stress/crowded) Free range grass fed beef has much more of the anti-inflamatory Omega 3's.

3) I eat as much, mostly raw but occasionally cooked, veggies as I can each day  (this will probably change to more cooked veggies and soups in the winter)

4) Green Smoothies

5) I cut way back on grains in my diet, even gluten free ones.

6) I eat some fruits, I try to get ones with lots of vitamin C and I eat more low sugar fruits than high sugar fruits.

7) Raw nuts and seeds. Cooked beans but not too often and small portions.

8) I also eat cooked potatoes rarely. I enjoy them baked in their jackets with no dressing or extra virgin olive oil or even less rarely I will make oven fries with olive oil as well.

9) I eat an ocassional home made goody, gluten free cupcakes, raw desserts,  store-bought soy "ice cream" although I cut back a lot on soy (tempeh/tofu) as well because my allergic response went up on my last allergy test. One of the items I sometimes purchase, though they are very expensive is Andean Dream Cookies, they are made with quinoa and gluten free and vegan (no eggs/dairy) I find baked goods are not good for people with Lupus, so tread lightly, and don't eat too much baked items including regular or gluten free breads.

10) Chocolate: dark premium bars with no milk and I also use cacao/cocoa powder in recipes raw or cooked.