September 2, 2011

PLU Produce Codes Tell if Organic or Not

 Just a note to anyone that doesn't know this yet but the produce codes (the little tag they stick to fruit)
can tell you if a fruit or veggie is organic or not and even if it is irradiated.

I have caught stores trying to push conventional fruit/veggies under an organic large sign. Buyer beware. Now you will have the ability to make sure the produce you buy is organic.

Organic - A five digit code beginning with a 9  ----- example 94328 organic definition organic vs conventionally grown/raised

Conventionally grown - A 4 digit code starting with a 4 ---- example 4538

Irradiated - a four digit code starting with a 3 example ----- 3278
(pineapples, some oranges and other items from other countries especially are irradiated)

Read below I found out many other foods are irradiated as usual I wish labelling laws would apply I personally don't want to eat food that is treated by radiation...if they're so "proud" of the technology then label it as such  I want natural grass roots GMO's either....for that matter I don't even use a microwave anymore....that is how cautious I am... Irridation facts pros Irradiation cons pros and cons of irradiation

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