September 1, 2011

Animal Products ot Not? and what I am eating now...

I just watched the Forks Over Knives DVD last night. I borrowed it from my local library.

It was a great DVD lots of great information...made me feel guilty that I had a small piece of farmer market sausage last night with dinner....I started to think maybe I am wrong about having small amounts of meat and fish and poultry in my diet....

Then I read my email this morning and Dr. Mercola, another trusted name in holistic health, says to "Enjoy Saturated Fats They're Good For You" see the link below...

How I feel right now in my life: (this is what I do, and what is right for me at this point in my life, I am not telling you to do this. Please research and do what feels right for you and makes you feel your best in your body, mind and psyche/spirit) These are in random order:

1) I eat totally gluten free, egg free, dairy free (except a small amount of goat's dairy like once every    3 months to a year.) I have documented food allergies to gluten, eggs and dairy and goat's dairy is not an allergy for me.

2) Very rarely,  I eat a small amount of the best meat and fish that I can find,  (I try to avoid beef and only have it rarely as I have heard it can be an issue many times with Lupus/arthritis and joint pains---although maybe it causes a problem in the body if it is grain fed and not free ranged (animals under stress/crowded) Free range grass fed beef has much more of the anti-inflamatory Omega 3's.

3) I eat as much, mostly raw but occasionally cooked, veggies as I can each day  (this will probably change to more cooked veggies and soups in the winter)

4) Green Smoothies

5) I cut way back on grains in my diet, even gluten free ones.

6) I eat some fruits, I try to get ones with lots of vitamin C and I eat more low sugar fruits than high sugar fruits.

7) Raw nuts and seeds. Cooked beans but not too often and small portions.

8) I also eat cooked potatoes rarely. I enjoy them baked in their jackets with no dressing or extra virgin olive oil or even less rarely I will make oven fries with olive oil as well.

9) I eat an ocassional home made goody, gluten free cupcakes, raw desserts,  store-bought soy "ice cream" although I cut back a lot on soy (tempeh/tofu) as well because my allergic response went up on my last allergy test. One of the items I sometimes purchase, though they are very expensive is Andean Dream Cookies, they are made with quinoa and gluten free and vegan (no eggs/dairy) I find baked goods are not good for people with Lupus, so tread lightly, and don't eat too much baked items including regular or gluten free breads.

10) Chocolate: dark premium bars with no milk and I also use cacao/cocoa powder in recipes raw or cooked.

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