September 19, 2011

Beware Gluten in School Supplies - from Angie at

All of Angie's Recipes are gluten free but check for eggs and dairy. I think many of her recipes have eggs but  I enjoy her list for her great information like the following....
Hi Toni,

Kids are back to school and so is Gluten!

School, believe it or not, is loaded with gluten and not just in the food. Other places gluten sometimes can lurk is in the following school supplies:

* Glue
* Paint
* Crayons
* Modeling clay
* Soap
* Band-aids
* Chalk
* Stamps
* Pasta for craft projects
(The only way to be sure that it's gluten free is to check with each of the above listed items manufacturer.)

Yes, gluten does appear in the oddest places, because the protein quality that makes bread sticky and elastic, and stew become thick, is the same quality it gives glue and other school items that must be thickened (such as school paints).

You can keep your child safe with some pre-planning and communicating with your child's teachers to ensure your school is aware of your child's needs.

If you'd like more information I've written an article on "Gluten Free Schools" right here:

Lastly, a great way to get your children up for school is to start them off with these Berry Good Waffles.


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