September 21, 2011

Doggy Dancing- For a Laugh

My dog, Kylie, playing in the pool as we were emptying it .

It's World Gratitude Day today and I saw a video on Doggy Dancing/ Canine Freestyle and it's something I am grateful for and want to share . Laughter is the best medicine they say!

I am also grateful that dogs are so much fun and can be trained to do so many things, from finding bombs, finding arsonists, to assisting blind people and handicapped folks, to just plain making us giggle with agility obstacle courses and disc dog routines to doggie dancing (canine freestyle). Check out this video! Doggy Dancing Video

I am also grateful for God giving me the information to help myself feel better.

Iam grateful for you, the followers and other readers/visitors of my blog.

I am grateful for the holistic doctors in my life that keep on healing me and other folks when conventional doctors say it can't be done.

I am grateful to God giving me the ability to cook really well to be able to stand up to the challenge of making great tasting gluten free/dairy free and egg free foods for myself and my family as well as sharing with you all.

I am grateful that I am a dog trainer.

I am grateful that I am a Nutrition Consultant.

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn something new each day.

I am grateful that I got Lupus (you heard that right) to take a  long hard look at what I was doing to my body and CHANGE my life and health for the better. (and it changed my family's life as well!)

That I have the basics, a roof over my head, food to eat, and heat and running clean water, a family.

For my 2 children, that though they are challenging at times, they are growing into healthy, smart, and respectful individuals.

For my husband seeing the changes in my diet and how my body responded to them and believing in me and my diet change.

For my animals, that although they can be hard to care for at times, how much love and laughter they give me at other times.

That I have a reliable car to get around in.

That most days I feel well, although tired at times...

I am sure there is so much more! Thank you God I am grateful!

What are YOU grateful for? Please think about it or even write it down for yourself to look at if you are having a day when you are feeling down.

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