August 30, 2011

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Lupus Girl Goes Raw (Lisa)

I watched "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" over the weekend. This video was excellent!
One of the easiest videos to understand, each point is made clearly and precisely and really hits home.
Thanks to Lisa for recommending it, Joe Cross for making it, the library for purchasing it to loan out to folks like me, and to God for continually putting all this info in my path for my health as well as what I share to help others !

Thanks Lisa for this post. I love to watch these videos and then recommend them to friends/clients/and anyone else who wants info on how to be healthier.  I haven't seen this yet but I have requested it from my local library. I will take Lupus Girl's word for it that it is a must see and pass it on to you as well! Here is the link to the post by Lupus Girl Goes Raw in Colorado.... Lisa'a post on her blog Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead's website

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