August 11, 2011

Some Thoughts...and Future Post Ideas

1) First  I wanted to say life has been a little crazy around here again. Wanted to post each day....not getting to it.  My marriage is having "issues" again. GRRRR! Wish we could get on an even keel....I know the stress from a bad relationship affects my health.

Heard Andrew Weil say on a CD set that 2 of his patients had Lupus and after one patient found Jesus and the other dumped a bad relationship and fell in love in a good relationship both had no further signs of Lupus. Supposedly no other changes were made. I know hard to believe but he says it! Want to write a post on this,  found some other interesting info to go along with this.

I really wish I could get this part of my life/marriage straightened out.

2) Heated oils are not good for us. If you want to detox avoid heated oils. Will try to do a piece on this.
Acrylamides are even in muffins, not only deep fried foods like french fries and potato chips. Coconut oil is said to keep it's integrity when heated...will look into this.

3) Being Gluten Free helps prevent eating too large portions for me.
a) Gluten Free and allergy free foods are much more expensive to buy (so I eat smaller portions and buy less too)
b) Less bread, cakes, cookies, donuts (can't just get premade yummies to stuff my face) A lot more work goes into making these things for myself and my family when we want them. Can't just stop at Dunkin Donuts and load up (yes I used to do this years ago, I was a major junk food junkie!)

4) Celiac Disease and Lupus go hand in hand. I learned this and researched it and I want to share it with the world. EVERY Lupus patient should be aware of this!

5) People keep trying to post about Bovine Thyroid in my comments. I need to research this. Is it really a good solution?

6) Drugs are not the only way to feel better/get better and you have the right to make an educated decision of whether to take the medications or not. The doctor can ask you if you want to take prescription meds that they offer but they cannot "force" you. Want EVERY Lupus patient to know this also.

7) Your doctor doesn't know everything. Doctors are not Gods they are human, they cannot know all the research, they cannot "know all" . You pay your doctor and they should direct you to the answers as best they can. They should not force their opinions on you and they should respect you as an intelligent human being and respect you that you chose them to help you and that you are paying them the big bucks... they "work" for YOU!!!! Also would they take the medications/ treatments they are giving to you? Would they treat their own mother/family with these protocols?

8) Health is "catchy" !!! The more you hang around with people that are trying to be healthier it rubs off on you too! Please seek out information and people with information on how to get and stay healthy!

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