August 12, 2011

Raw Milk and Gov't Swat Style Raids on Farmers

I would try raw goat's milk if I could find it (most farmers have to sell it underground as it is illegal) it good for Lupus? It depends...many people are sensitive/intolerant to dairy products. I personally have issues with cow's milk but goat's milk seems to be OK on my allergy tests and in my tummy when I drink it. I think the issues with whether dairy is good or bad for all people, relies on a case by case basis as to what a specific person's body can tolerate and that body's needs.

Could raw milk have dangerous bacteria in it?  Yes! But, a person in the US should have the right to  purchase it with a label specifying "Drink at your own risk" Why do they sell cigarettes with a warning label that cigarettes can kill you but they won't sell fresh raw milk???? Come on! Where is the justice????
Please pass this along to heighten awareness. Animation/Video Article

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