August 8, 2011

Animal Products and How to Choose Wisely

Forgive me for today's post, those of you who follow a vegan I wanted to talk about animal products...

I occasionally eat animal products. When I do I try to make sure that they are organic or as close to organic as possible. I recently found a farmer at my local farmer's market, that has a farm in upstate NY that says he cares for the animals well and they are free range and grass fed...but how do I really know if I don't visit the farm?...I have entertained the idea of visiting the farm...he is not certified organic, just claims to be following organic procedures and I have heard that it is very costly to get certified as organic and then the price of the products goes up.

For a long while I bought "Nature's Promise" Meats at Stop and Shop. This is their meat info link.
These are better than regular standards but still not optimum.

I do not eat eggs and dairy because of my IgG allergy tests. A chiropractor friend of mine had told me that some of her patients reacted to store-bought eggs but were fine with farm fresh, cage free grass and insect fed eggs....This really has made me wonder.... does what the animal eat while it is being raised affect the person eating it afterwards???

 I did try goat milk yogurt and goat milk cheese (IgG test was OK) from a farmer out East recently, it was incredibly expensive but my belly seemed to tolerate it, and I didn't seem to have ill effects...I still wouldn't eat this regularly...too much cheese and dairy would cause mucus and weight gain and high cholesterol etc. Another thing to be aware of is that pasture raised animals have more Omega 3's in their eggs and their meat with is better for humans to eat and Omega 3's cut the body's inflammation. Meats, if eaten, should be a small part of the diet with plant foods leading the way by a mile! Eat those greens and veggies, eat "the rainbow" of brightly colored plant foods each day for optimum health.

For example if a person had an allergy/intolerance to soy if the chicken was fed soy and then a person ate that chicken or it's eggs would the soy protein still be viable to cause an issue in the soy allergic/intolerant person't body? These folks seem to think so and so did my chiropractor friend.
An animal on a "vegetarian diet" can eat a lot of soy. (I haven't looked into it in depth but after studying dog and cat foods thoroughly their are some scary things in animal food/feeds God knows what they are feeding chickens in a "healthy" sounding "All Vegetarian Diet") Soy free animals/products Coco feed

What to feed chickens? This is what these folks recommend...

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