August 15, 2011

Gluten Free Spells Success for Big Time Athletes

Please read this article from Gluten Free Works. If being gluten free can help these athletes perform better, then it can definitely help a person with Lupus have more energy and a fuller life too. You may not want to be a star athlete, but maybe you just want to have a little more energy to go on a vacation, play with your children, go on a hike, or just live whatever dream you have in your mind for your perfect life.

One thing they don't mention in the article is the connection between mental clarity that can come from going gluten free. Your brain just functions better, you can think and react quicker! Then there is the lessening of joint pains, headaches, sinus pain oh the list goes on and on!

***Always get tested for Celiac Disease BEFORE you go gluten free, you need to know if this diet will be a lifetime necessity or just a trial diet. If you have Celiac Disease and eat gluten there are many health pitfalls and even a much greater chance of cancer other disease and even death!

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