March 30, 2012

Natural Air Freshening Ideas

Someone had asked why chemicals in air fresheners are so bad. The short answer is if you are knowingly breathing chemicals "on purpose" it is a BAD idea! There are so many chemicals in life that we can't avoid. Your liver already has enough to do we don't need to knowingly give it more hard work.

Here are some ideas to keep your home smelling fresh and clean and "delicious" naturally...Always pick your own favorite scents...

1) Open your windows as much as possible, in the colder weather turn your heat down and open windows for 1 hour for fresh air to come in then close and turn heat back up to desired temperature. A great thing to do before bed for clean, fresh sleeping air.

2) Cook your favorite smelling foods(skip the bread unless it's gluten free of course) cookies, cake, soup, spaghetti sauce, pot roast, apple pie, apple butter, chili. Whatever you love the smell of.

3) Your favorite smelling dehydrator recipe, dehydrate spicy/cheesy kale chips, strawberries, etc.

4) Your favorite essential oils, (make sure the essential oils are pure oil and not synthetic or have artificial additives) on lamp rings, on the inside of toilet paper rolls, a couple of drops mixed with water in a spray bottle and spray like air freshener,

5) Simmer any of the following on the stove (make sure you watch the water level or put the cooking timer on)
cinnamon sticks/bark
citrus peels

6) Sandalwood blocks place in closets drawers etc. (Cedar is a nice smell too but I heard it aggravates breathing/lungs in people and animals)

7) Natural candles, beeswax smells great, soy candles, (don't do paraffin candles- they're more toxic!) Watch candles or get the flameless variety.

8) Cut flowers, flowering plants, or even air cleaning leafy plants

9) Fresh Eucalyptus

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