April 2, 2012

A Trial of Diet Change...

 GF Vegan Chocolate Chip Waffles (from the book Babycakes Covers the Classics)

Thinking of a diet change but don't know where to start...it is too hard...too inconvenient you say?

What if you could have a free trial of eating an allergen free diet? And as you eat it you feel much better. No brainer. Even if inconvenient at times. Would you go back to eating the foods that made you feel bad? I know I wouldn't. Sometimes I feel that if I could just get people to try changing their diet and they felt better they'd NEVER go back to eating poorly again!

What would you be most likely to try or most happy with? Kind of like a poll...

Meal delivery to your door? Going to a healthy/health food retreat? Following a book  like
Mark Hyman MD's book "The UltraSimple Diet" or "The UltraWellness Diet" A holistic nutrition class that meets onch a week or so? Cooking or uncooking(raw food) classes? What would you need or find easiest to make the leap/change to a new diet?

Eating out or eating on the run is the hardest for most people When I am really hungry and there's not a health food store in sight...many times I try to find nuts or fruits or veggies or a store bought plain salad somewhere. One of my go to meals when I'm hungry and need a more filling meal is a can of sardines in water drained and tossed with a plain salad and if I am lucky I will find a plain olive oil and vinegar salad dresssing to add.

I loved California for all the health food stores, Whole Foods and raw foods and macrobiotic and vegan restaurants. Anytime I wanted I could get a great raw food pie or cake too from Cafe Grattitude. Oh was I spoiled in California!

Please add your comments below! Did you change your diet, do you feel better, any tips to help others make the change easier? If you haven't changed your diet or know someone that won't, what would help them? Any tips for those who haven't changed their diet? Have a great day!

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