April 13, 2012

Whole Living Recipes

Some of these recipes have milk/cheese/eggs/gluten...just mix and match and swap out. I do this all the time. For whole wheat bread I will use my gf vegan pizza crusts (recipe on my recipe blog)...or my favorite gf vegan bread. For cheese we use Follow Your Heart soy cheese or sometimes guacamole can be a nice swap for dairy cheeses... you still get  that creamy, fatty, salty texture and taste your looking for.


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  1. Hi Toni,
    Wow - this is a treasure trove of info! I will be checking out the books on your side bar. I commented on your other blog (awesome recipes, by the way!) about my story, but I have a ? for you that my holistic practitioner avoids answering: once my intestines "heal", do you think that I will be able to add the allergic/intolerant foods back into my diet?