April 20, 2012

Steve Nenninger ND Lecture and Food Allergy Testing in Sayville NY!

gluten free vegan chocolate covered strawberries

From Steve Nenninger ND Naturopathic Doctor and a Holistic Nutritionist:

I will be at Cornucopia in Sayville on Saturday, May 5th at 5:30.
I will be speaking about hidden food allergens and will bring test kits. The only other time I do this is at my "Breakthroughs" talk in January.
I will also include updates since the recent talk.
I love the work that Jon and Lynne do at Cornucopia and I am happy to be speaking there.
I will bring the new edition of my food allergy booklet... free the the first 100 people. :)
See you on the 5th in Sayville for your private screening. Call the store to let them know you are coming. They have so many great things in the store that I can't wait to go!
39 North Main Street Sayville, NY 11782
Cornucopia Phone. (631) 589-9579

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