June 23, 2011

Oh My Gosh They "Got To" Andrew Weil - HFCS article!

Dr. Andrew Weil got "bought"? Bribed? In this article Dr. Weil says that  High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and Sugar are processed the same by the body? That they are equally as detrimental to your health? I have been researching this and I know Dr. Weil does not support GMO foods. Well HFCS is made with genetically modified corn (Genetically Modified Organism GMO)...but there is lots more to the story! HFCS is also much more toxic to the liver. Forgive me but in this article Andrew Weil is "going soft" on his war against HFCS. HFCS is cheap because it's junk!

HFCS and liver damage

Real Raw sugar is from nature HFCS is man made chemical crud. Should we eat lots of real raw sugar? No. But it is definitely not in the same catagory as HFCS!


A different story from Andrew Weil in 2008??? 2010???


Interesting info on HFCS

Mercury in HFCS

Causes Weight Gain

Most of the world's corn is now GMO and that is what is used to make HFCS. The farmer's get subsidies to grow GMO corn that has a gene inside the corn to produce pesticides. This is why GMO corn is cheaper. This corn produces pesticies read the article below and also has a gene to allow it to be sprayed with tons of Round Up and never die, but instead grow like a weed!
Some info on GMO corn



Dangers of Round Up

That is why HFCS is so CHEAP to use!!!!

Here is Mark Hyman on the subject (hope he doesn't get fined or hurt for speaking his mind- I applaud him for STILL speaking the truth!!!)


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