March 24, 2010

Gardening and the Sun....

Many people with Lupus also have sun sensitivity. This can cause extra aches and pains, a flare up or even skin sores to appear. This is one of my symptoms that confounds me the most...why does this happen? what makes our body do this?..if anyone received answers from their doctors/website info please comment below or email me at

 Here in NY we were teased a bit with 60-70 degree weather(now it's back in the 40's and 50's)...I wanted  to send out friendly reminder to cover up with clothes/hats/umbrellas and/or use sunscreen. Also try not to go out in the sun from 10:00am- 2:00pm if you can avoid it.

As soon as I felt the nice weather, I wanted to get out in the yard and clean up and then get into the garden to clean up too. I did wear a hat and long sleeves and long pants and had no adverse reactions. I don't like the idea of sunscreen too many chemicals so I try to cover up instead...

I am not a person that loves to sit in the sun and tan...never was . But I get REALLY sad when it is spring or fall and there is a cool day and  I would just love to bask in the warm sun, but Lupus does not allow. I would love to know why though, what is different in the skin/bodies of Lupus patients? If you all have any answers please let me know Thanks!


  1. My friend Karen emailed me and wrote that she believes mercury toxicity creates the sun sensitivity in Lupus, anyone else? agree? think something else causes it? Thanks again!

  2. Hi there!
    I too have discoid lupus, for 13 years. I was reading your blog, and was in awe at our similarities! I too have similar blood work results --double stranded DNA, positive ANA, anti ss ro, etc. My leasions are on my face (over 50 of them now) I've never had one lesion subside, or go away. It just keeps getting worse. In regards to your question about what is happening when these red spots/lesions appear, my Immunologist told me it was basically the end result of inflammation. This explanation totally makes sense to me, as I'd asked the question to my former Dr a rheumatologist, and she said it was because these spots were exposed to the sun. BS--I also have them on both of my upper arms, and my arms haven't seen the light of day since I was diagnosed. Anyway, would love to communicate more, and get some tips on foods I should be avoiding, and one's I should be eating. Another thing that struck me about your story, was that I too am vitamin D deficient. My Immunologist has me taking 1600 IU's daily!
    Hope to talk soon

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    Would love to chat with you email me at I will try to direct you to a doctor in your area that can help you. I take 5000 IU's a day of Vitamin D! to restabilize adequate stores you need to get blood tested every 3 months to recheck your levels. Then you will be able to see if the amount of Vit D you are taking is really helping. Vitamin D can be toxic so make sure you are careful and follow your doctor's protocol.