March 12, 2010

2 big and easy nutrition tips for today

1)Get the processed foods out

 Does the food you buy come in boxes, bags, cans, jars? Cookies, soups, chips, pretzels, etc? Try to stop buying foods like this from the store. Shop the perimeter of the store buy whole foods like fruits and veggies and nuts and seeds, meat if you eat it (buy organic meats and eat less meat )

2) Get the greens in

 Shop for kale, chard, spinach, collards, romaine lettuce, other lettuces are great too but stay away from iceberg lettuce(no nutrition in it)

I like what I heard Christina Pirello say on one of her cooking shows, "when you think you've had enough some more." Dark green veggies are some of THE MOST healthful nutrient packed foods on earth! Kevin Gianni of Renegade Health tries to get 2 heads of greens a day in his diet! (If you are on a blood thinner DO NOT overdo greens ask your doctor or pharmacist!)

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