March 30, 2010

Wheat Grass Juice and fluid in the ear

Here is my update on my first shot of wheatgrass juice...that night/the next 2 DAYS + I got fluid in my ear...I know the moms of autistic children would understand about the fluid in the ear reaction. It is a classic reaction to a wheat or dairy allergy (it is also why many young children have so many issues with ear infections). Well looks like wheat grass is NOT for me...I may try it one more time to see if that definitely was the problem, but it was also a little painful...of course it could have been worse I could have gotten a migraine/joint pains/and tummy troubles...

On another note I had my meeting with Denny Waxman about macrobiotics and will post it on my blog soon!


  1. Its been published about those with gluten intolerance generally have reactions to other foods, including grasses. I can drink wheat grass juice with out a problem, but one day I put the whole grass in a smoothie and was horribly sick, so you just never know.... Glad you knew enough to know what the problem was and stop it..!!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I've been liking to read your blog and hear your new blog radio show. Good Luck with your radio show!

    I heard from my friend, that had her daughter go to Hippocrates, that you don't ever want to eat the grass itself, just to use a juicer and drink the juice only. Heard Jay Kordich say that chewing the grass and spitting it out would be OK too, but not very attractive...I used my Blendtec but then strained the juice through a very fine sieve. Have a great day!