March 25, 2010

Metametrix Blog

There is SOOO much useful information out there to educate us on how to be healthier. I  found this blog while looking at the Metametrix site. They have great articles and research and information from top doctors and researchers.

Many Naturopaths and Holistic Doctors use many of the Metametrix tests to determine their protocols for patients. The Cardio Ion test that I had done, that Sherry Rogers read for me, was done through Metametrix. I highly recommend the Cardio Ion as it tells so much information aboout your body and what is lacking(deficiencies) or if you have toxins in your blood/body.

It is important to get an intense blood panel run (don't just get the basics) especially if you are on a vegan or raw food diet. So much can go may be eating a great diet but it won't be absorbed if you have leaky gut/digestive issues. You can feel fine with small deficiencies for a long time but better to catch them early before your health goes down hill.

For instance so many people have B12, D3, K2 deficiencies and thyroid issues. It is almost a guarantee that everyone that gets tested will have an issue...the Cardio Ion is about $800-900 but isn't the investment worth it for your health...?

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