March 24, 2010

Dunkin Donuts and French Toast

Before I was diagnosed with food allergies these were some of my favorite junk foods:

Friendly's ice cream
Haagen Dasz ice cream
Chocolate candy

and my 2 favorites were Dunkin Donuts and French Toast

When talking about allergies you may learn that the things that you crave the most you are probably allergic to.

I remember going to Dunkin Donuts one morning with my husband and my kids and we all had 2 donuts for breakfast...after I ate the donuts, I told my husband that I felt so tired and bad... I was thinking it was the sugar and I told him to NEVER let me do that again! When I think what was in the donuts besides all the processed crap and chemicals and preservatives AND wheat/gluten/dairy and eggs ALL of which I was allergic/intolerant to! Eating a donut was like eating poisin to my body. French toast also has wheat/gluten/eggs and dairy!

Please pay attention to what you crave...try to go without it for a bit and see if you can't (too addicted) or if you feel better without it (yeah!)


  1. Yeah, I'm the same- I love chocolate, bread and cake and the sugar cravings are CRAZY for me...I eat carob covered ginger if I really can't handle it!

  2. Hi Lila,
    Glad to say I haven't had any of the things I used to crave in over 2 years now. The cravings WILL go away. Many of mine did!
    I now have many healthier, gluten free/dairy free/egg free substitutes in place when I want a sweet treat. Let me know if I can help you with a swap out...guess what I am mildly allergic to ginger!