March 25, 2010

My Phone Consult

My Witchhazel Bush

I had my phone consult with Sherry Rogers MD. She told me from reading my Cardio Ion and looking at my other blood work that my cell walls are damaged and that my mitochondria are poisoned and therefore starving. She recommended many supplements to rebuild my cells and also Detox Cocktails and a Far Infrared Sauna to detox further. She also really believes in enemas for colon cleansing and detoxing.

Also CoQ10 is not being produced properly by my cells , because ATP is not being produced properly either, causing me to be more fatigued than most...fatigue is my biggest issue! I get through my day but by early evening, most times, I just want to curl up in bed....

See the following excerpt about CoQ10 from curezone:

Coenzyme Q10™ is found in every cell in the human body and is key to the process that produces 95% of the energy consumed at the cellular level.
 It participates in this important role by acting as part of another class of substances, known as enzymes. These important compounds are proteins found in plants, animals, humans - ALL living things. Their role is to facilitate, to act as a catalysts, in countless chemical reactions that take place in the human body. In essence, they make reactions happen without themselves being consumed in the reaction. When calcium is turned into bone, and enzyme makes the reaction possible, but the enzyme itself does not end up becoming part of the bone. When we digest our food, when we flex a muscle, when our heart beats, in some way an enzyme is playing a key role.

Enzymes consist of two parts, a protein portion made up of one of a variety of amino acids, and a cofactor portion that is either a mineral (like calcium, magnesium, or zinc) or a vitamin, the vitamin is called a coenzyme.

Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring molecule that has a structure similar to vitamin K.

As part of an enzyme, it acts as a catalyst in the vital biochemical pathway that leads to cellular energy production.
Specifically, every cell must have a special substance known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which provides all the cell's energy. The energy obtained from the food we eat is used to make this fuel for the cells, and when a cell needs energy, it breaks the bonds that hold the ATP molecule together. When this chemical bond is broken, it releases energy equivalent to approx. 7,000 calories, more than twice the energy a person consumes in an entire day. However, the body, at any given time, only stores enough ATP to sustain vigorous activity for 5 - 8 minutes. Thus, ATP must be produced constantly, and for this ATP to be produced, there must be a ready supply of CoQ10.

This explains why, in particular, COQ10 is found in high concentrations in muscle cells and especially in the muscles that form the heart - because the heart is constantly in motion, it creates a great demand for energy, and at the same time, a need for the CoQ10 to create it.


For my Mercury and Lead and Cadmium issues she said to read her book "The High Blood Pressure Hoax", that it says how to detox heavy metals in that book. She also said I should detox plastics/phlalates from my body as well as any other toxic burdens I may have...

I love it when doctors write books and have seminars/talks so you can see where they're coming from before you go to see them. Something has just drawn me to Sherry Rogers from the beginning. I had gotten her book "Pain Free in 6 Weeks" and she just seems "right on the money" with so many of her  beliefs/protocols.

I will also be posting something from Mark Hyman next on metabolic tune up. Check that out too! Right after I had my phone consult  with Sherry Rogers, Mark Hyman posted more info for me to try! Too Cool!

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