October 4, 2012

Real Life Exercise - Get Moving!

Garbanzo bean salad
This is one thing I struggle with constantly...exercise...or how to work it into my life/daily routine.

Examples of "real life" exercise- walking or biking to the store to get groceries or to do other errands, having a regular garage door (no remote) getting up to change the TV channel (no remote), gardening, farming, going pumpkin picking , apple picking, snorkeling, walking your dog, cleaning your house, dancing, lifting your children, lifting the groceries/packages from the store or anything heavy,  walking (on hills as well), raking leaves, mowing the lawn, or taking the stairs whenever possible (including the stairs in your home) , parking your car out further from the store, shopping/walking at the mall, washing your car, doing the laundry/carrying the laundry/detergent, playing with your dog, going camping, shoveling snow or dirt, putting up holiday decorations and lights, taking out the garbage, walking to your mailbox to get the mail,  painting the walls of your house, and of course vigorous sex as well! If your not in the best shape/not too healthy, ask your doctor and start out slow but remember EVERY extra expenditure, no matter how small, is worth it!

The above is real life exercise as opposed to working out at the gym lifting weights, the treadmill, the stationary bike, exercise classes not that the gym is bad...it's just the more you can incorporate exercise that's "real" the more exercise you get without even thinking about it and any exercise is really good for your health!

I have way too many sitting hobbies that I enjoy, such as reading, researching, crafting, knitting, piano, guitar, flute, cooking, computer, TV (I watch almost all educational TV) , driving, painting, scrapbooking, card-making, candle making, and much more...

Driving in the car is done way too much in all of our lives, try to walk or bike to your destination if possible.

I do love biking especially to see new sights, so even though I pack my bike in my van sometimes,  in order to drive my car to a new location, it still gets me an exciting and new scenery bike ride. Try to find what you love...

Think about what you enjoyed as a kid or what have you always wanted to try? Soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, ice skating, roller skating, photography, swimming, hiking, farming, a adventurous vacation, rock climbing etc. The sky's the limit.

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