September 6, 2012

Seizures HAVE a cause!

Just wanted to remind people that seizures can be, and often are, part of another health issue. Find the root cause and you may be able to lessen the seizures or halt them completely. I found out that both Lupus and Celiac Disease have seizures listed as a "symptom". Autism also has seizures listed as a symptom. I tried to search the internet for other diseases that would have seizures in their symptom list and I couldn't find a list like that. If you know any other diseases that can cause seizures please comment below or send me an email at . Thanks for your help!

If you have seizures check into a ketogenic diet. Get tested for Celiac Disease. Try a gluten free diet. Get tested for other food allergies as well, and if any are found avoid those foods as well. I have a feeling that just avoiding grains and grain products would help lessen seizures in all people. Isn't it worth a shot of eating just meats/fish/beans and veggies/fruits for a short while and see if you get better/lessen or eliminate seizures....

I did have a grand mal seizure just before my Lupus diagnosis. Was on medication for 2 years, then the doctors weaned me off. Then doctors ran tests and said that the cause of the seizure was of unknown origen...but then later on, I was the one that found out I had Lupus AND gluten intolerance issues (Celiac Disease?) and most likely THAT was the "cause" of my seizure of "unknown cause".

I have never had another seizure....

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