May 27, 2009

Old symptoms/problems of the past...

I was just speaking to someone via email and I realized I don't have my old symptoms on this blog, so here goes...(I like to let people see how I have helped myself and also to let my doctors know my story)

Red Face(gone)
Acid Reflux (gone)
Numbness in my arms/hands (gone)
Double Vision/blurry vision (gone)
"unexplained" Grand Mal Seizure (2 years on Tegretol, then was weaned off) (gone)
Migraines(plus felt like a knife in my neck too with the migraine pain/eye aura too)(gone)
Sinus pain and pressure(but no dripping,discharge) (gone)
Dark spots in my field of vision(couldn't see there, like when someone takes a flash photo of you)(gone)
Dizziness( to the point I had to lay down and not move) (gone)
Bloody Noses with heavy clots at the end (some light bloody noses still)
Restless Leg Syndrome(gone)
"Panic attacks" may have been allergy related (read Theron Randolph book(s)) (gone)
Sometimes feel like I'm off balance "lean to the right"(still can walk, don't fall) (just lately returned spring 2009)
Lose my balance a lot(I stumble, but don't fall) (still sometimes/but happened all my life)
When driving if I looked down,to change radio station, and back up at the road felt dizzy, disoriented like my eyes would not focus quickly (gone)
Cervical pre-cancer cells(had a cervical conization to remove them)(gone and hope it stays that way)
Mass in breast(after many health changes and stepped up (every 4-6 months) mammos the doctor said the mass "resolved itself". ie: it went away (gone)
A doctor scared me in TX and said that he thought I had MS(Multiple Sclerosis) I was tested and found not to have that.
I have had many EEG's to check for seizure activity all were normal since the one seizure that I had
I had MRI's to check for weakened blood vessels all were normal (my mom had a blood vessel burst in her brain and she died from it, the doctor said it is worth checking me as it can be hereditary)
Also had MRI's to check for MS, all normal
Discoid Lupus(sores on scalp and face from sun exposure)(still get some occasionally but they usually heal quickly)
Joint pain all over my body(now usually just my shoulders/neck)
Antiphospholipid Antibodies(still have)
Cardiolipin Antibodies(still have)
Double-stranded DNA(still have)
Positive ANA (still have)

Most of these symptoms are long gone and I attribute it to taking care of myself and finding out my allergies and avoiding those foods and lessening stress(as much as possible) and my
"Power Eating"(eating almost everyday for nutrition...OK I still eat my chocolate, and an ocassional goody here or there)

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