May 26, 2009

Gerson Therapy

"The Gerson Therapy" is another book that I have on my Books on Healing list but I haven't spoken about it too much.
Well I know it's not the recommended juicer by the Gerson Therapy but I purchased a "Jack LaLanne Juicer" to juice veggies and fruits to help me more with nutrition.
The Gerson Therapy says that you need to detoxify and get more nutrients in your body to heal, they have cured stage four cancers, so curing Lupus is a walk in the park...
The protocol is to drink 13 glasses of juice a day and do coffee enemas (2 times a day???)). Well
I am not gung ho with this. I will drink extra juices but I am not following their protocol, I will not do the enemas. I have been on a special diet for a year and a half now and I feel as if I have slowly detoxed and added nutrition over that time. I have left many of my bad symptoms behind and eased the symptoms that still linger...I WILL however add fresh homemade juice to my "Power Eating" regimen!


  1. As unpleasant as the coffee enema's may sound, they serve a tremendous purpose in the recovery process. I can't stress this enough. The coffee enema's are just as, if not, more important as the juicing process. They are responsible for removing the toxins from the liver which are poisoning the body. If you don't do the enema's, then the likelihood of you getting better from juicing alone is not likely. Just thought you might want to know this. Contact the Gerson Institute if you have any questions. They are wonderful people.

    1. I just watch a documentary on the Gerson method last night, and it explained how the coffee enemas work. Basically the hemroidal vein absorbs the nutrients and caffine and take them directly to the liver from the rectum. This process stimulates the liver into producing an enzyme that has amazing healing properties that pharmaceutical companies have been trying to reproduce in pill for for yrs but have failed. You are right, if she doesn't use the coffee enema's it is unlikely she will have any major recovery from lupus.

  2. Anonymous,

    Thanks for your input. I feel pretty well and although I know I still have toxins in my body, don't we all...I am currently doing a macrobiotic diet/lifestyle which detoxes also but more gradually which I am more comfortable with. Also I have extreme reactions to caffeine...heart palpitations and jitteryness which is awful...for those that can contact the Gerson Institute for more information that is a GREAT call!

  3. I have had lupus since 1988.
    And, I have noticed in 2006 when my pain was at its worst level (sent for physical therapy) did I begin going organic and all natural and no flour products/no sugar. I also gradually/slowly began to exercise again. I felt the best I'd felt in a long time thereafter. Since then, I always feel my best when I eat healthy----nothing processed, no preservatives, all organic-whole foods, little or no flour/sugars. On such a diet I feel good enough to golf and jog 2 miles a day (both on the same day). When I veer from it---joint pain and many aches return! -TW

  4. i think taking coffee rectally is very different from ingesting it. taking a coffee enema gives you a really relaxed and peaceful feeling, not at all what you would experience from drinking it!

  5. Hello. I also cannot say enough about the Gerson therapy. I have witnessed friends with many illnesses (lupus among them), recover by sticking strictly to the Gerson Therapy. As "anonymous" says above, the enemas are just as important as the juicing and work with the juices to flush the toxins from the liver, and does create (as nikkynoo says), a "relaxed and peaceful feeling. Also, with the enemas or "coffee breaks" as some like to call it, there is not any caffeine absorbed into the body if held for the recommended amount of time (no more than 15 minutes), because then it will start to be absorbed and that defeats the purpose of flushing the bad guys out. Just some thoughts... Hope it helps! For some good documentaries with the Gerson Therapy, check out: The Gerson Miracle, The Beautiful Truth, and Dying to Have Known. Blessings

  6. Just thought I'd point out-

    I believe the Gerson therapy also recommends chamomile enemas for individuals in which coffee is not suitable. Of course, you should contact a Gerson clinic or some one trained in the therapy first to be sure if it would be right for YOU.

  7. Anonymous,

    I hadn't heard about the chamomile enema always check with Gerson directly for their protocol and decide what is right for your body!

  8. this reminds of the commercials you see on tv , where some actor is claiming to have been relieved of their ailments as a result of taking some kind of medication , we see it all the time , although this site and this thread smells of advertising , I will be trying the Gerson therapy , I was on a similar diet , the difference between the diet I was on and the Gerson therapy was meat , I was on a diet that allowed meat with two meals but couldn't weigh more than for ounces , this diet worked miracles for my health , when I would exclude certain meats I felt better eventually limiting my meat intake to fish/chicken , then eliminating the meat all together , I had so much energy and clarity , I believe that the Gerson therapy is fine tuned , I can't wait to get started , the only thing holding me up is the juicer , I cant afford one yet.

  9. Anonymous,

    You don't need a juicer to make juice. Use a blender and strain the juice through a fine sieve or even better a nut milk bag found at your local health food store or Whole Foods.

  10. Hello Toni , I'm anonymous from Apr.8, 2012 07:32 AM , My name is John , I started my juice/enema regiment today 04/16/12 ,I'm kicking this fast off with a green veggie/fruit juice , I was gifted a juicer for my birthday , I'll give a brief history of what lead to my researching a natural/holistic approach to healing ,I weigh over 400LBS , I had a tumor excised from my right upper thigh in 2008 , within weeks it came back larger and faster , I underwent a second surgery coupled with very intense radiation treatment , the treatment was painful and my recovery very lengthy , I was advised that the treatment itself could potentially cause cancer , this news was troubling , what good is a medicine that can potentially cause new problems , prior to this I was very active , weighing 250LBS , very muscular , 6' 1" , I loved hiking/exercising , working on my cars , I had a wonderful sex life , etc. etc. , currently I spend my days in bed , and my depression is at an all time high , I believe juicing will help me to get back on track giving me my life back , I will keep you up to date on my progress , I have a sister in-law suffering from lupus , I have suggested juicing to her , she's not willing to at this time , I'm hoping to be an example to her , thank you for responding and maintaining your site.

  11. You do need a juicer to make the amount of juice that can turn back disease. You do not need so much fibre in your diet anyway if you are not a meat eater but it is impossible to eat 20 pounds of fruit and vegetables every day. Please learn and read the books from Charlotte and please stop imposing your own view of how the system works when I can see that many are getting benefit from half the system it is not the same as the full and tested system. You will understand if you read the books and digest the reasons. To suggest you get high or it harms your heart having a coffee enema is missinformation for starters. (please wake up Tini and get your facts right and leave out the assumptions) Lx

  12. Anonymous,

    Any juice or smoothies or added veggies will help anyone (unless you are on blood thinners, Coumadin Warfain and the like). Yes if you are going gung-ho on the Gerson regimen you should eventually get a juicer,a Norwalk press juicer. But for someone who can't afford one, the green smoothie or straining the smoothie through a nut milk bag is better than nothing and thinking he can't do juices at all because he can't afford a juicer.
    I NEVER tell people what to do, I always give my take on something and tell people to read/research and make their own decision on what's right for them.
    I read or saw an interview on a Gerson patient at Gerson that said they were kept awake all night from the effects of the coffee enema (she stayed up all night with her daughter- anyone else hear this story?)
    As always I believe in the Gerson method as well as raw food, and as well as Hippocrates Institute, the Tree of Life, and Macrobiotics. They all can get you well. Some recommend enemas most do not. Each person should make their own decision for their own best health. Some day maybe I will try enemas but as of yet I have not.

  13. If you are on blood thinners you MUST check with your doctor about diet and veggies that are allowed and quantities allowed. DO NOT eat veggies with abandon if you are on blood thinners. This needs to be carefully monitored.

  14. Last word about a search on coffee enemas and staying awake all night on Google or another search engine...looks to me as if it is VERY common. Also I, personally have a severe reaction to caffeine. I can't imagine a better way to get the caffeine absorbed that putting it in your intestines where everything is meant to be absorbed tremendously well....again just my humble opinion...please if anyone is interested in this topic do the research for yourself and talk to the folks at Gerson.

  15. I was diagnosed with RA in August. Had three surgeries last year, the final one a total knee replacement in December. I have not recovered. In pain every day. I started Gerson yesterday. When I woke up today, it was the first time in weeks I can recall not being in agony. I am only 48 and have always been active and healthy until last year. I have three children, ages 5, 10 and 12; so I really have no time to be ill. My doctor says coffee in large amounts contributed to my RA. This may seem a silly question, but can I do the coffee enema?

  16. Dear Anonymous,

    Please contact the Gerson Foundation for questions on coffee enemas. The thing that I have learned about them is you detox faster (detoxing can make you feel really bad but then you feel better) If you have any issues with caffeine please ask Gerson about this as well. Here is their website you can call them as well.