January 19, 2012

Add Veggies to EVERYTHING!

Raw, Roasted, Steamed, Sauteed have the veggies as YOU choose! But ADD those veggies! Veggies are our friends!

Fruit Smoothies/ Smoothies - add some greens, a couple of leaves or more to taste of kale, collards, lettuce to your favorite fruit smoothie.

Or make a "V8" type smoothie with red peppers, tomatoes, celery, carrots,  beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress and spinach etc.

Juice your veggies

Sandwiches - use you favorite GF bread, wrap, or even use a lettuce or collard leaf as the "wrap"

Tuna Salad or Salmon Salad or Sardine Salad- serve over a salad or chop tiny diced or minced veggies into the salmon salad (or fish of choice salad)

Hummus - dip sliced veggies in the hummus or put the hummus on a salad as dressing you can thin it out a little with vinegar olive oil or lemon juice

Dinner-  have 2 or three veggie sides with dinner

Pasta Salad/ Pasta- add veggies til 50% pasta and 50% veggies

Or just have one big delicious salad and include all the veggies of the rainbow with a delicious healthy dressing like  guacamole, and you have an all veggie treat!

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