January 9, 2012

Love and Other Drugs - Movie

Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKtrLiQTSM8

I recommend watching this movie (I borrowed it from my local library- another way to save money!)
I watched this movie last night and it stirred many emotions.
The female lead has Parkinson's Disease. She doesn't want to get entangled in a relationship, she wants to prove she can live and survive on her own.

The male lead is a male "casanova" for lack of a better word and goes from girl to girl having sex with no real relationships. The 2 meet and begin having a "no strings attached" sexual relationship. Then he falls for the girl and he falls hard.

My first feeling was "Oh to have a guy like that. Wanting to care for you no matter what, loving you no matter what, treating you so wonderfully and making you so happy! Loving you for who you are, sick or not.

Also I was jealous of her being so happy today that you wouldn't care if she died tomorrow because you had the best days/were the happiest ever!

Then knowing that as good as you feel today you could go down hill and not feel well...should you let someone into your life is it fair to them to have to know that they will care for you most likely more than you can care for them.

This movie is a roller coaster ride of emotions, but the moral is if you find the right "prince charming" (and they are out there- though you have to look hard), you could have a wonderful and caring and loving relationship for the rest of your life.

Remembered another one...when the "boyfriend" decided that he was going to find a "cure" for her Parkinson's all he did was stress her out by trying to travel from this hospital to that hospital and try this and that. Not that that was an all BAD thing but the problem was it was unbalanced. It was all or nothing. You need to live a happy and productive life (as productive and happy as your condition allows at present) AND still seek out health and holistic doctors, so that your health and energy increases and then you can have an even more happy and productive life.

Everyday should not be doctor day...just as everyday should not be have only fun day...and maybe sometimes going to a great holistic doctor can be fun and empowering too...

Of course the drug rep part was eye opening as well and something that I don't like or approve of. Drugs or only caring about making money off of drugs and not caring about the side effects is kind of disgusting...Sell Sell Sell, Money Money Money many times the LAST thing the companies think about is what are the side effects...are the drugs hurting people. Too many times I have heard that the company and the government knew the drug was hurting and even killing people adn didn't take it off the market right away because they were afraid they would lose cash...

as Suzy Orman says "people first, then money, then things"

Also wished the Parkinson's patients tried to go gluten free (and test for food allergies) and see if it helped them feel better when avoiding those foods...it's always worth a  try....but hey, it's Hollywood....

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