January 5, 2012

Saving Money

Action Shot of My Dogs Playing (photo by Carly)

We all know the steps we need to take to get healthy sometimes can be expensive. Whether it's choosing organic food, purchasing supplements, or a holistic doctor or trying acupuncture or a chiropractor that aren't covered under your insurance plan (if you are lucky enough to have a medical insurance plan)
Here are some ideas to save money to put into your "feeling better" Lupus plan

Take the time each week to:

1) Turn off electricity/unplug/fuses (all during the day or even just at night- make sure the fridge and the heat stay on though!)

2) Look up cheapest gasoline on the internet

3) Look up frugal or money saving tips on line or in library books

4) Cooking and freezing cheaper meals

5) Homemade gifts

6) Homemade cards for b-days, holidays, thanks, etc

7) Library for videos/CD's/books

8) Home haircuts

9) Lowest cable TV package or the extreme no cable and just watch netflix on computer

10) Lowest land line/cell phone package or pick one or the other

11) Coupons on line or newpapers

12) Buying clubs like Costco and BJ's and Sam's (make sure you check the price -  is it really a savings?)

13) Library craft/exercise/dance and computer classes

14) Library shows/ high school plays

15) Town organized hikes/nature programs/support groups

16) Parks that are free or low cost rather than a gym membership

17) Buy bulk and store or freeze foods and household supplies

18) Join a food co-op buying plan

Any other ideas? Please comment below or email me at lonedoggy@netzero.com and I will share the ideas for you. Thank you!

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