January 17, 2012

Good - Better - Best Food and Lifestyle Choices for Nutrition and Health

I'm feeling somewhat better. Still stuffy head....still very tired....but my headache has gone (had a whopper when I had the flu) I can breathe through my nose, not perfectly, but well enough! The things we take for granted...

On to today's topic: Good - Better - Best Choices

When you are choosing a food to eat think would there be a better choice that would still satisfy my appetite?

For instance you are wanting/craving potato chips/salty snacks...for a few days now and you want to give in to temptation.

Obviously potato chips in a bag from the store would be the worst choice (fried in the cheapest oil and  foods fried at high temperatures have acrylamide which can be a cancer causing agent, fried foods are generally bad for our health, so are overly salted foods)

A slightly better choice would be homemade potato chips, you know what is going to go in them (organic potatoes and organic extra virgin olive oil - low smoke point- or organic virgin coconut oil-higher smoke point) and what oil and what temperature you will fry or bake them, how much salt you will put on and what type of salt.

An even better choice if you are looking for potatoes and salt maybe baked potatoes would satisfy you.

Best Choices- Or are you looking for crunchy and salty would salted raw nuts satisfy you? Would salted kale chips satisfy you? Would salted or a salty dip for flax crackers satisfy you? Maybe a great flavorful guacamole dip with a crunchy flax cracker would satisfy you.

Really try to deconstruct what you and your body are asking for then choose the healthiest choice available!

PS If you really just want those potato chips...and NOTHING else will do then just have a small portion (a handful or two) as long as it is not a habitual thing...

Think about this as much as possible when you are picking your foods throughout your day...is there a possible better choice for my health, nutrition and longevity?

Also do this when you are picking your activities, exercise possibilities and even the friends you will share your life with...make sure they are all good for you or try to see how you can make them better or even BEST choices!

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