January 26, 2012

The Lupus Recovery Diet is the Same as the MS Recovery Diet? and more realizations...

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March 12, 2009 (A Repost)

The last installment of my journey into holistic medicine and why it makes so much sense to me. From the beginning of my blog.

The Lupus Recovery Diet is the Same as the MS Recovery Diet?????

I love to watch a channel on Verizon FIOS(also is on Satellite TV, but not on Optimum cable)called Veria. One of my favorite shows to watch is "The Incurables" . Many times this show has a person on that was deemed to be incurable by main stream doctors, but through holistic means and doctors they are cured.

One day I turned the show on and a woman was talking about how she "cured" herself of Multiple Sclerosis(MS). She explained that diet was very important and that she had created a diet that helped her heal. She listed what the diet avoided, and guess what??? it was SO CLOSE to the "Lupus Recovery Diet" and to what my doctor told me to avoid ! OK this is making MORE sense to me!

I requested that book from the library "The MS Recovery Diet" by Ann Sawyer. This book proved to me that I was on the right path.

I also met a great group of moms on the GFCFKids@yahoogroups.com that showed me I am on the right path. They are a group of mostly moms of children on a gluten-free casein-(dairy)free diet for a variety of reasons. Many of the moms have autistic children and if it's anyone who knows about detoxing and building bodies up with nutrition/supplements, it's moms of autistic children. I want to thank all of them VERY much for helping me and teaching me, for my children's sake(my children need to be dairy and wheat/gluten free also) as well as for my own sake. I am always thanking them, but again THANK YOU!!! I found 2 great books through being in that group, one is "Healing the New Childhood Epidemics...." by Kenneth Bock MD and "Nourishing Hope..." by Julie Matthews. I think both books are great for healing ANY disease!

Also I found a Doctor named Sherry Rogers MD that has written many books on healing. My favorite is " Pain Free in 6 Weeks..." (OK it may not be as little as 6 weeks... but the book is great!!!!)

I learned that "Raw" Food Diets cure many diseases and Macrobiotic Diets have cured many diseases. There are many books on these diets in your local library.

I found out that many diseases are created because the body is toxic and/or doesn't have enough nutrients.(many times the intestines are so dysfunctional that they can't absorb the nutrients from leaky gut syndrome and not enough good bacteria in the intestines)

I also learned that Celiac Disease and Lupus many times go hand in hand .(just search the internet for articles)

I have read that many people have cured their diseases, including Lupus.

I learned that many people with autoimmune diseases have leaky gut and need to heal that, also intestinal dysbiosis(not enough good bacteria in the intestines).

That medications many times cover up the symptoms but don't get to the root of the bodies' problems. So the inflammation still runs rampant ("Pain Free in 6 Weeks")

I found the book and DVD on the "Gerson Therapy".

I found that many people with Lupus have hidden allergies, candida(yeast) and problems with environmental toxins("The E.I. Syndrome(Environmental Illness) by Sherry Rogers MD)

Allergies lead to more inflammation in the body.

You need to take care of your liver, it detoxes and controls many processes in your body.

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