February 25, 2011

California Vacation and Cafe Gratitude

This is our last day in California tomorrow we'll be on our way home. I found Cafe Gratitude (Raw Restaurant although they do some cooked specialties as well) here as a cafe in our local Whole Foods. The cafe is actually inside Whole Foods. The Whole Foods we went to was huge and I decided to ask the staff if this was usual in California. I was told that the Whole Foods we found was the largest one in the US!
We lucked out! My daughter took a video of me being so excited at finding Cafe Gratitude and the huge Whole Foods! That was one of the best parts of the trip for me!

I got to visit my Aunt though not as much as I would have liked...I'll keep in touch with her...

We scoped it out to possibly move here, but it is so darned expensive!

California is beautiful and has so much outdoor things to do and so much wildlife great for our family of animal lovers and outdoors/nature/camping lovers.

I will be posting some pictures soon as well as updates on how I'm feelingand how I did on our trip...we'll talk soon!

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