May 10, 2011

World Lupus Day! May 10th 2011

Whatever you choose to do today, please tell one person or more what Lupus is and that it exists and how devastating it can be.

At the same time, MY advice, tell one person that has Lupus or a relative with Lupus to check for food allergies/intolerances or try an elimination diet to see if they can feel better if they avoid foods they are sensitive to. Help them do research on holistic ways to feel better. Have a great day and remember helping others makes YOU feel great! Try it and see!*** (If you are a "do for everyone else all the time" kind of person...ignore the last few sentences and focus on caring for healthy today and relax and make it a holiday/spa day for yourself--I find many people with Lupus are this type of personality--many do for everyone else and forget there own self care---what's up with that???)

What's happening around the world

See What Julian Lennon is up to to boost Lupus awareness

Here in NY there is a Lupus Walk May 21st, 2011

Here's how to find out if there is a Lupus Walk in your area

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