May 31, 2011

I'm Finished With My Nutrition Consultant Course!

It's party time! I sent in all my materials for grading on my Nutrition Consultant course! YEAH! I'm finished with the course and awaiting my certification!

I have a camping trip this weekend and then a Raw Food Class the beginning of next week that I am giving at my local library so I am still busy preparing for all that...but  as soon as that is finished I will be learning on my own again and blogging lots more. The course was great but I missed waking up and saying today I want to study Telomeres with David Wolfe and Dr. Richard Becker and Dr. Oz and just being able to study what  I  want to study that day!

I want to add more cooking videos too and recipes on my Recipe Blogs. Super Healthy, Healing Recipes Recipes for when cravings strike...

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