May 19, 2011

Most Immunologists/Allergy Specialists Advice/Protocol.... Ironic

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I am putting my final touches on my Nutrition Counsellor certification course. I'm almost finished!

I was searching my books/course materials for an answer on my final exam.

The question was what food most causes ear infections?

c) ?

Well I knew it was between wheat and dairy but I think BOTH cause ear infections!

So while scouring the books for the answer, I read this "nugget" which I thought was SO PROFOUND!

Most immunologists/allergy specialists ask their patients to write down their favorite foods, foods they can't live without.....THEN.....they tell them to AVOID THEM! These  "favorite foods" are most times the foods our bodies have issues with!

This is also why most diets fail. You avoid the cakes and the cookies and the pasta and the bread and the cheese and the ice cream and then you CAVE! You are "addicted" to these foods your body CRAVES the foods that you are allergic/intolerant to.

You can break this cycle though, if you avoid those foods for 3-4 months the addiction goes away. Sometimes you can rotate the foods back in in small quantities and sometimes it would be better not to have those foods for life especially in the case of Celiac Disease (still wondering if there is a cure for Celiac Disease ...humor me) I'm talking about a cure for celiac disease that is not a drug or vaccine but maybe celiac disease is caused by an underlying cause like parasites/dysbiosis/heavy metals/leaky gut etc.

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