June 16, 2009

Why do we keep saying there is no cure for cancer?

This came in an email to me from the Gerson Institute. I figured I would share it, by the way the Gerson Institute has said it is possible to cure Lupus is by following their protocol...I have requested "The Beautiful Truth" from my local library.

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Why do we keep saying there's no cure for cancer?

What if told you I had a cure for cancer but it would cost millions of people around the world their jobs, would you believe me? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't, we've been taught to doubt the word "cure" for so long now it's almost mythical to think a cure is possible. One would hope that money would have nothing to do with our actual health but think again, I have a firm belief that it actually causes ALL of our problems not just health. There's enough proof of this by looking at how money sways the decisions of lawmakers, corrupts campaigns of politicians, contributes to murder, robbery, deceit, alcoholism, hunger, homelessness, divorce, suicide and in the attempt to keep this huge list short, greed.The cure for cancer has been hidden for years and why do you think that is? You guessed it - money. The medical industry is a huge profit center and a lot of people profit from us being sick and incurable. We'll go through the rest of our lives paying for prescriptions each month, seeing the doctor and specialists every other week, buying special clothing, getting xrays and special tests, losing our jobs, getting loans, squandering our savings and pensions and dying early then leaving everything we owned to the bank and debtors. In short, the rich want you to be sick and when I say rich I don't mean 6 or 7 figures, I mean the people who own the world.The Gerson Institute has been curing cancer and other "incurable diseases" forover 60 years using a system that was developed in the 1920's by Dr. Max Gerson.After watching a documentary called "The Beautiful Truth" I can't help but grow angry, frustrated yet hopeful all at the same time. It's obvious to see why Dr.Gerson's results have been swept under the carpet and touted as "having no evidence" behind them. For all the claims that Dr. Gerson has no evidence to back up his findings I have to ask why is it that "Gerson's therapy has not been independently tested or subjected to testing" by the American Cancer Society? …because the American Cancer Society was founded by Physicians and Businessmen,who both stand to profit if a cure is NOT found. It boggles and frustrates me to no end when something is obvious but people forsome reason or another refuse to see it. Like holding a red apple up to somebody and asking them what color it is and they say blue. They know it's not blue but they refuse to admit that it's red so they say it's blue and that's that. I run into a lot of people like that in my travels, people who for the sheer reason of being right plain refuse to acknowledge the obvious truth. Do yourself a favor, watch "The Beautiful Truth". Find out how you can live a better life, the truth behind the cure is so damn obvious, I don't know why I didn't see the red apple earlier.


  1. Good for you for posting this. I'm thinking of trying Gerson for a hormonal/adrenal health tapestry of issues-- My husband and I bought a fancy pants juicer and have started making the carrot/apple juice.

    We bought the "Starbutts" kit, too! It hasn't come in the mail yet, and who knows how long it will take to build up that bravery!

  2. Faye,

    Good luck with the Gerson therapy, I do believe that it would work I am doing some juices... but I am having a hard time building up the courage to try the enemas too. I have also thought about colonics.
    Read the book "Pain Free in 6 Weeks.." by Sherry Rogers that is how I learned about detoxing, Gerson therapy, macrobiotics, raw food diets etc. It is an excellent book!