October 16, 2009

My "transformation"

Just a note to say that I started this journey to wellness and taking charge of my life and health in January 2008. Now almost 2 years later I am 70 lbs lighter and my body still continues to shed the pounds. When I started I found out I had so many food allergies, avoided them and 10lbs off in 2 weeks was my reward. (Before that I couldn't lose an ounce I was very upset with my weight and the possible issues I would have with my health because of it.)

Also when I came home that first day from allergy testing, I looked around my kitchen, at all the foods that I was no longer supposed to have, yet my family (husband and 2 children) could eat whatever they wanted!! I came home that first day and said OK I can have corn and potatoes and some veggies and some fruits( at present I don't eat potatoes very often and I don't eat corn). Needless to say I had a LOT of temptation at the start. I got through the first week, then 2 weeks and realized I had less headaches. joint pain, sinus pressure, eye pain AND I lost weight!...this is what made me...willed me to continue.

Because of my vast cooking background, and love of research I went right to the library and the internet to find books on gluten free and vegan cooking ( I could not have gluten, dairy or eggs). There aren't many books on Gluten free vegan cooking so I had to "fudge it" at times and learn how to make a recipe GF and CF(casein/dairy free) or egg free by trail and error.

At the beginning I tried to replace real bread with GF bread and real cupcakes with GF cupcakes, it was a step in the right direction ..going GFCF ....but all that sugar, and starch(tapioca/potato starch) ended up being put out of my diet eventually also.

I learned about raw food diets and macrobiotic diets and how they can heal/reverse severe diseases like terminal end stage cancers and diabetes and heart disease and lots more, I saw this on "The Incurables" TV show on the Veria channel, I read books from the library, found articles on the internet.

Just recently when I spoke to Dr. Sherry Rogers receptionist she gave me the titles of 3 books to read, and I have found even more...
1) "A Time to Heal Triumph Over Cancer The therapy of the Future" by Beata Bishop
2)"Recovery from Cancer..." Elaine Nussbaum
3)Your Child Doesn't Have to Die..." Leanne Sorteberg
and I found
4) "The Cancer Battle Plan" by David J. Frahm
5) "My Beautiful Life... by Milenka "Mina" Dobic

The medical doctors now say that approximately 80% of diseases are caused by a poor diet and poor lifestyle choices! I hope I have convinced you to think about how you can eat a better diet.

If not read some of these books, watch "The Incurables" on Veria read articles on the internet.
What you do in your own life is up to each one of you, I just want to make you aware of the possiblilities(also know that if you don't have any terrible cancer or heart disease yet.. GREAT.. eating these diets will help prevent you from having any future problems also!) It is a WIN-WIN situation!

A also wanted to add that my blood tests are also much better, at last check I still had the Lupus markers but my cholesterol, homocysteine,CRP,CBC, etc. are all at GREAT levels!
All of you ..GO FOR IT! I am so happy I did!


  1. I swear sometimes we are twins....but that's what happens ~ eventually we find others just like us who went through the same thing. Congratulations on your accomplishment, you should be VERY proud (and so should your family)!

  2. Lisa,

    Thank you again! I was so amazed when I read your blog for the first time...it is amazing that we followed a healing path that is so closely related. SO GLAD I found you!