May 9, 2014

Sunshine and Lupus Don't Mix...Wish I Understood Why...

In the middle of the day I do my "Michael Jackson" impression (as my kids call it)
I am not and never was a sun worshipper. That being said there are only 2 times of the year that I REALLY want to lounge in the sun for a bit. Spring (now) and fall/autumn. Remember though it's still chilly, the sun is extremely strong in the spring and fall.

If you have Lupus the sun is one of those things that is said to be a "no no".

For me I can get cutaneous Lupus sores and I generally feel like death (super tired) when I leave my "time in the sun".

This is one of those mysteries I wish someone could explain. Most people go in the sun and benefit from it by getting their daily dose (or at least part of it) of Vitamin D3.

If you choose to use sunscreen, make sure it has good ingredients.

You can also choose to use clothes/umbrella/shade.

Don't go out in mid day when the sun is very strong 10:00am-2 or 3:00 pm . Do gardening in the early evening when the sun is least strong.

Watch out for fluorescent lights indoors too. They can cause problems for folks with Lupus as well. Enjoy the following article. Click below.

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