May 17, 2014

How to Achieve Happiness (and Happiness Creates Health)

Hope this picture makes you smile!
Chronic stress can create chronic disease.

Happiness can create health. Your immune system works better. Your brain and your body work in harmony and everything is right with the world. Give me a second here and just indulge this thought. I had a fiancé years ago that wouldn't let things get him down. He "practiced" being happy no matter what the situation was. It's easier to be happy when you had a little tiff with a loved one than if you got the news that you have cancer. But YES in BOTH situations you can practice being happy. It is a learned art. Now, if you have someone in your life that chronically makes you feel bad DUMP THEM!

I am a dog trainer and I can tell you that if you pretend to be confident (body language/breathing etc) even if you are scared of a dog they will respond to you as you are the leader.

You can learn to have the body language and "pretend" to be happy and you will actually BECOME happier.

Watch comedies, watch comedians, hang with folks in your life that make you smile/laugh. Read joke books. Do exercise you REALLY like. Do hobbies/activities that you really like. Breathe.

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