October 14, 2011

Knowledge is Power...What Choice Would You Make?

If you were told tomorrow that you had cancer what would you do?

There are the changes you would probably make in life to make your life better..... love more, make more time for fun/things you enjoy,  speak softly and sweetly, make more time for family/friends, vacation, switch your job/purpose to one more meaningful.... since you don't know how long you'll live....and you want to make whatever time you have left amazing!

First bit of advice, implement these changes now, don't wait for a cancer diagnosis to change your life for the better.....don't wait make your life amazing NOW!

Also the reason I started and continue this blog is to make you aware of the choices out there. For all health issues and especially Lupus and other autoimmune disorders.

What would I do if I received news that I had cancer today?...my decisions would be A LOT different  now, than if I heard that news 6 years ago (before I started researching holistic health and nutrition)

6 years ago I would have gone to a regular oncologist and trusted that whatever he or she told me to do. Surgery, chemo, radiation...whatever.

Today 6 years later, if I got the news that I had cancer, for one I'd know I had choices of the protocol I wanted to follow. I would get a few opinions of conventional and holistic doctors.

I would know that doctors are not God, they don't know everything. Especially if you only see one doctor.... everyone should have a "team" of specialists available to them to get the best care, not just the celebrities....

I would know that the Gerson therapy exists and if I wanted to do very low dose chemo and no radiation, doctors exist that do that too.

I would know that celiac disease can cause cancer and to check that and avoid gluten if necessary.

I would know that many people with cancer have IgG food allergies/sensitivities and one of the top allergies that is many times off the charts with people that are diagnosed with cancer, on that allergy test is eggs, this from Dr. Steve Nenninger ND. (why this is so, I have no clue...) I would know I could save myself or kill myself by what I choose to put in my mouth, also I could have more energy or less energy depending on the foods that I eat.  What you eat and  the nutrition that your body receives, matters with any disease! If your doctor says eat whatever you like, as my rheumatologist said to me, don't you believe it for a SECOND! Detoxing and avoiding heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, etc is also VERY important to your body's health and recovery from cancer.

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Also, hopefully, I have changed my diet and lifestyle so that I won't ever get cancer...hopefully....

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